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Download issues on my homepage: zip files corrupt

Download issues on my homepage: zip files corrupt


Ive look in Google (Google is Your best friend), and found that this issue is quite common…

 Try to download my components with either Firefox (Linux, Windows) or Opera(Linux, Windows), or Safari (MAC) or Konqueror (Linux) it will work.

One more time, Internet Explorer do not correctly handle gzip response. IE has bugs (gee, what a surprise) that make it ignore compression on certain types. So that zip file you got is actually just a .zip in a .gz file, if you gunzip it first it becomes a valid zip.

  • I am also able to reproduce it, with IE6.0 and IE7.0 (I can now make some tests)
  • I am currently rebooting apache till I find a configuration workaround,

I am sorry for the inconvenience.
In between, it may the prefect time to give Firefox a try:


I’ve correct the issue by avoiding compression on all response content, correct a misconfiguration in the browser pattern recognition  I’ve also update the article: mod_deflate accordingly

Happy downloading!

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