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Development shift in the way I deliver my latest Joomla! extensions

Development shift in the way I deliver my latest Joomla! extensions



Starting from now on, I will deliver all my latest (unstable) extensions versions through  my continuous build server. All request or bugs discovery that are requested in my forums and solved will lead to a new build that you will be able to download a lot faster than before.

Thanks to #Maven for PHP, I can now commit, 60 seconds later, unit test run and  the result is a direct download for my extensions snapshots.







Here is an example with the module mod_related_thumb_items

Head to

Locate the module or component you are interested in:


Click on the latest build, must be  Success


If this build is a direct answer to a support request in my forums, or solve an issue, You should be able to see in changes the commit description, and even which file have been changed after and before the commit.


But Hey! you want to download this latest build now, go to artifact


Staying  on the edge by using RSS

You can monitor any build by using the RSS icon in your browser toolbar, or example with this module, it would be

This way of downloading the latest extensions do not replace the page where there is there only stable versions.

The next step is to make the #maven phase “site” work (I have issue with phpdocumentor not found), this will create automatically a internet site in one of my sub-domains ad hide this complexity.

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