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Com_joomlacloud under heavy development

I am currently refactoring my whole PHP code, interfaces, abstract classes, default implementations, factories and a lot of tricks in code will  make joomlacloud maybe the  more advanced  PHP code I've ever written.
Concepts are emerging, code is lot less hard coded than 20 lines of PHP (which may also work well)

  • Scanner is responsible for returning a subset of data: can be the whole site, the current article etc…many implementations can be used and or created
  • Analyzer is responsible for analyzing words and take them or not into account: based on length, dictionary etc…
  • Limiter is responsible for limiting size of collection: the top 20, only the first 100 words, sorting etc…many implementations can be used and or created
  • Tokennizer is the process of transforming a list of words into a list of token, etc…many implementations can be used and or created
  • Plugins are responsible on how the list of words are written or displayed, .etc…many implementations can be used and or created
  • Caching factories to save mips on the server…

This make the code more complex to develop but also a lot  more easy to read or extends…

About The Author

Cédric Walter

I worked with various Insurances companies across Switzerland on online applications handling billion premium volumes. I love to continuously spark my creativity in many different and challenging open-source projects fueled by my great passion for innovation and blockchain technology.In my technical role as a senior software engineer and Blockchain consultant, I help to define and implement innovative solutions in the scope of both blockchain and traditional products, solutions, and services. I can support the full spectrum of software development activities, starting from analyzing ideas and business cases and up to the production deployment of the solutions.I'm the Founder and CEO of Disruptr GmbH.