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cedTag 2.6.0 for J2.5 released for Joomla 2.5

cedTag 2.6.0 for J2.5 released for Joomla 2.5


Go to the Extension Manager under the tab Manage, enter in filter "tag", select all and click Actions – Uninstall
Reason: I did change a lot of folder name and file casing casing to be more #Joomla compliant
Don’t be scared you will not loose any Tags or data from your database! uninstalling do not remove currently any tables!


Your ideas are important, feel free to contact me and ask for new features!

New & Noteworthy


SECURITY: all Ajax operations+Admin operation are now protected with a Joomla token to avoid CSRF

SECURITY: All SQL statement have been migrated to use Joomla Query Object so the code should be portable now under SQL Server, Postgress

Code review and refactoring is a recurring task for me!


PERF: Faster escaping in modules if there is no tags matching any criteria,


NEW:  More themes are available.


NEW: In “article Manager”, multi-tag filtering it is now possible to simply select multiple tags and/or searching for one tag and then another within the previous results.


NEW: In “article Manager”, tab index is supported, enter tags hit tab to go to next articles,

NEW: Full rewriting of Tag List layout, now table less.

NEW: Full rewriting of blog layout: having as much if not all features of the internal Joomla category blog feature.

  • Table less layout,
  • Category display,
  • Articles Metadata: publish, created, hits,
  • Articles operations like print, email,
  • As it reuse the setting of Joomla, you’ll have to go to Joomla configuration to make changes or better it will inherit the same setting as Joomla content blog layout.


NEW: full internationalization of all 5 modules:

  • Custom Tags Cloud (en-GB.mod_cedtagcustom.ini),
  • Latest Tags Cloud (en-GB.mod_cedtaglatest.ini),
  • Most Popular Tags Cloud (en-GB.mod_cedtagmostpopular.ini),
  • Most Read Tags Cloud (en-GB.mod_cedtagmostread.ini),
  • Random Tags Cloud (en-GB.mod_cedtagrandom.ini).

NEW: Add “Save” button for “Template manager” and “Stop words”

NEW: It is now possible to change the title of tags by changing the value of the key COM_CEDTAG_ITEMS_TITLE in  /plugins/content/cedtag/language/en-GB/en-GB.plg_content_cedtags.ini

; %1$s = frequency,
; %2$s = name,
; %3$s = created,
; %4$s = hits
COM_CEDTAG_ITEMS_TITLE="%1$s items tagged with %2$s | created %3$s | Hits: %4$s"

joomla_cedtag_ titleofTags


NEW: More Options for Menu Entry “All Tags” Count, Page Title, Meta Description, Meta Keywords, Reverse display and tags ordering. Some default are provided.

joomla_cedtag_ alltagsMenuEntry

NEW/BUG Wordle now working on Linux, was always working on windows due to a path issue to the true type font I did introduced, I took the time to add a lot more settings so you can fully customized the images created!

joomla_cedtag_wordlejoomla_cedtag_ wordleOptions

NEW: Rockettheme Installer removed to use standard Joomla installation packages. To remove now all CedTag components, just remove the main component. No risk of incomplete removal.

NEW: menu entries for administration backend


NEW: 5 Modules are now created as default but not published nor assigned to any page.


NEW: option so front page tagging to be just available in front page edit before , it was too long, and breaks the browsing experience for any logged author browsing the site, sometimes appearing even twice. (Request)

NEW: scripts to switch off all subsystem of cedTag if you get no access to your site (happen only when you remove some part and not all of cedTag)

Known Issues

  • CSV export of all tags is currently broken



BUG: Error 500 Some people encounter while using URL rewriting.
Found also that RokComment is crashing when used with cedTag. I did solve the issue by patching RokComment (I think the error is there and not in my component). YOu can ask me for the custom build of RokComment.

BUG: correct handling of trash item in frontend
BUG: correct handling of Joomla ACL using authorized access levels for the user
BUG: Can add tag but cannot delete tag, request
: Content plugin don’t get executed in blog layout,
BUG: wordle links were not supporting SEF
BUG: advertisement code was not allowing html,
BUG: Custom tag cloud module: the SQL query was broken,
BUG: Custom tag cloud font size and title overlay was not defined ,
BUG: All tags layout was not taking “count” into account for limiting the size of the cloud.
BUG: default file css restore was not depending on user selection of theme, as a result restore was always using simple.default.css
BUG: installer now create default modules instances without publishing them.
BUG: metadata of menu entry “All tags” was not reading parameters, now you can set count, sorting, metadata descriptions and keywords
BUG: paging at the limits (where ?limitstart= is in the url) lead to a tag not found.
BUG: “:” was always filtered from tag name even when removed from “Strip Characters”
BUG: Solved “Warning: Missing argument 4 for plgContentCedTags::onContentBeforeDisplay() in plugins/content/cedTags/cedTags.php on line 41"

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