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Ako comment smileys icons pack

Ako comment smileys icons pack

I’ve slightly modified ako_comment to accept smileys packages….All You have to copy a new directory in \components\com_akocomment\packs\
A smileys package MUST contain a file settings.php, for example I have a components\com_akocomment\packs\exotic
The name of the package will have to be save in the admin panel

    $smiley[‘:cats’]   = "cats.gif";
    $smiley[‘:doctor’] = "doctor.gif";
    $smiley[‘:cry’]     = "cry.gif";    
    $smiley[‘:mad’]  = "mad.gif";
    $smiley[‘:eek’]   = "sm12.gif";  
    $smiley[‘:upset’] = "sm25.gif";
    $smiley[‘:zzz’]   = "sm_sleep.gif";   
    $smiley[‘:vroum’]  = "VroumVroum06.gif";

This will let You choose very easily your own smileys…Expect a release tomorrow in my download section. (I need to sleep and I will deliver 5 or more ready to use packages….)

Note this page contains 128 packages for PHPBB, no If You have some spare time…..

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