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Add2Home 1.6.4 for J2.5 Released

Add2Home 1.6.4 for J2.5 Released

This small plugin for #Joomla! add a message inviting iPhone/iPad users to add the web application to the home screen.

Add2Home has been updated to version 1.6.4 correct 2 bugs and contains an important new feature for both #Joomla 1.7 and #Joomla 2.5. For existing users the update will display in the Extensions Manager under Updates. If you do not have this currently installed, you can click the link below and install as normal via the Extensions Manager.

New ideas/features/bugs are always welcomed either through forums or  by using feedback

Some early report show that on add2Home work on iPhone/iPad/iPod running iOS 5.01 The close button doesn´t work on IOS 5.1. It seems to have something to do with iOS versions. I am on it

What’s new?

  • NEW: Add new setting “webapp-links" Using this will rewrite all your internal #Joomla links and make your entire site appear to be working outside of safari as a web application!.
  • NEW: Installation branding,
  • BUG: new update site in installer
  • BUG: duplicate initialization of javascript
  • NEW: Frequently Asked Questions started in wiki

    Full list of changes available in GIT commit 329d0a3765d5b86af49377dfbb04a0317b94fcc7 and 2131a2e3e6a51b4d6f54e790dc7a961650cce7b5

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