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Add2Home 1.6.3 for J2.5 Released

Add2Home 1.6.3 for J2.5 Released

This small plugin for #Joomla! add a message inviting iPhone/iPad users to add the web application to the home screen.

The code is compatible with iPhone/iPod touch, iPhone4 and iPad. On older devices the “add” icon is a “+” while on iOS 4.2 it has been replaced with . The script detects the OS version and displays the appropriate icon.

The message appears after 2 seconds (customizable) from page load, and is destroyed after 20 seconds (also customizable). The balloon enters and exits the screen with a quick configurable animation: drop from top, bubble from bottom or fade in/out. Additionally it also let you choose a custom icon for your blog when a visitor adds your website to start screen.

What’s new

  • New version for #Joomla 2.5 / 1.5
  • New javascript engine  in version 2.0,
  • New CSS,
  • Add support for returningVisitor: show the message to returning visitors only. Set this to true and the message won’t be shown the first time an user visits your site. Default: false,
  • Add support for autostart: should the balloon be automatically initiated? Default: true.
  • BUG: avoid duplicate javascript insertion now using onAfterDispatch() instead of onAfterInitialise
  • BUG: now touchIcon is properly inserted in message
  • Add support for custom iconMessage,
  • add support status-bar styling:
    Sets the style of the status bar for a web application.
    This meta tag has no effect unless you first specify full-screen mode as described in “apple-mobile-web-app-capable.”
    If content is set to default, the status bar appears normal. If set to black, the status bar has a black background. If set to black-translucent, the status bar is black and translucent. If set to default or black, the web content is displayed below the status bar. If set to black-translucent, the web content is displayed on the entire screen, partially obscured by the status bar. The default value is default.

Full list of changes available in GIT commit e1e375cc44d594236db2a84702bad6f426ce99b6


add2Home_ipod_iphone_ipad_joomla_001 add2Home_ipod_iphone_ipad_joomla_002

This plugin is based on the project add2Home (MIT license) and all credits goes to the author Matteo Spinelli

You can see a demo of it at and it is currently active on this blog.

You can create your own Apple icon using free online service like

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