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1.0.6 yesrterday and 1.0.7 today!

Joomla! 1.0.7 [ Sunburst ] is now available as of Sunday 15th January 2006 21:00 UTC for download here. 1.0.7 is essentially 1.0.6 repackaged to fix one major bug in 1.0.6 – therefore it should still be considered a Security Release.  It contains nine (9) `Low Level` Security Fixes, and seventy (70) plus minor/non-critical bug fixes.
I’ve looked at the code, it contains small patches in all files, in 2 places I’ve found a code suppose to protect #Joomla against spoofing attack:

A spoofing attack, in computer security terms, refers to a situation in which one person or program is able to masquerade successfully as another. There is some tools (windows, linux) and EVEN a Firefox extension: Refspoof available at

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