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XDepend: static analysis tool for JAVA empower Code Query Language

I’ve been  granted a free professional license of XDepend, thanks to Mat Huston, XDepend lead developer.

XDepend is a static analysis tool for JAVA developers that provides 82 code metrics, several real-time code visualization panels, code base snapshots comparison, architectural and quality rules (edition and real-time validation). The tool is a frontend to support the Code Query Language (CQL) to query a code base the same way you would query a relational database. You can using CQL, write and design your own rules and conventions for your code base.


  • Analyses your java byte code, your test reports and your source files to extract structural information and 82 base metrics via static analysis.
  • Provides complementary and interactive views on the same information. A Tree-Map view helps you easily identify the big one from the small one. The dependency matrix, the graph view and the detailed view help you gain insight in your code base.
  • Has a Code Query Language (CQL) is a specific XDepend language, very similar to SQL, that helps you dynamically find what you are looking for.

What is also interesting me a lot is the possibility to make XDepend part of the Maven lifecycle, but that will be part of a new post. For now I am trying to understand the added value on our company software solution Innoveo Skye®

Watch the screen cast

Spring analyzed by XDepend

More to come later

Note: .Net is also having a similar tools NDepend, build on the same engine developed by Patrick Smacchia.

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