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Useful XHTML Character Entities

Useful reference table  when developing XHTML or #Java Server Faces (JSF) of facelets…

nbsp  no-break space = non-breaking space,
iexcl¡¡inverted exclamation mark, U+00A1 ISOnum
cent¢¢cent sign, U+00A2 ISOnum
pound££pound sign, U+00A3 ISOnum
curren¤¤currency sign, U+00A4 ISOnum
yen¥¥yen sign = yuan sign, U+00A5 ISOnum
brvbar¦¦broken bar = broken vertical bar,
sect§§section sign, U+00A7 ISOnum
uml¨¨diaeresis = spacing diaeresis,
copy©©copyright sign, U+00A9 ISOnum
ordfªªfeminine ordinal indicator, U+00AA ISOnum
laquo««left-pointing double angle quotation mark
not¬¬not sign, U+00AC ISOnum
shy­­soft hyphen = discretionary hyphen,
reg®®registered sign = registered trade mark sign,
macr¯¯macron = spacing macron = overline
deg°°degree sign, U+00B0 ISOnum
plusmn±±plus-minus sign = plus-or-minus sign,
sup2²²superscript two = superscript digit two
sup3³³superscript three = superscript digit three
acute´´acute accent = spacing acute,
microµµmicro sign, U+00B5 ISOnum
para¶pilcrow sign = paragraph sign,
middot··middle dot = Georgian comma
cedil¸¸cedilla = spacing cedilla, U+00B8 ISOdia
sup1¹¹superscript one = superscript digit one,
ordmººmasculine ordinal indicator,
raquo»»right-pointing double angle quotation mark
frac14¼¼vulgar fraction one quarter
frac12½½vulgar fraction one half
frac34¾¾vulgar fraction three quarters
iquest¿¿inverted question mark
AgraveÀÀlatin capital letter A with grave
AacuteÁÁlatin capital letter A with acute,
AcircÂÂlatin capital letter A with circumflex,
AtildeÃÃlatin capital letter A with tilde,
AumlÄÄlatin capital letter A with diaeresis,
AringÅÅlatin capital letter A with ring above
AEligÆÆlatin capital letter AE
CcedilÇÇlatin capital letter C with cedilla,
EgraveÈÈlatin capital letter E with grave,
EacuteÉÉlatin capital letter E with acute,
EcircÊÊlatin capital letter E with circumflex,
EumlËËlatin capital letter E with diaeresis,
IgraveÌÌlatin capital letter I with grave,
IacuteÍÍlatin capital letter I with acute,
IcircÎÎlatin capital letter I with circumflex,
IumlÏÏlatin capital letter I with diaeresis,
ETHÐÐlatin capital letter ETH, U+00D0 ISOlat1
NtildeÑÑlatin capital letter N with tilde,
OgraveÒÒlatin capital letter O with grave,
OacuteÓÓlatin capital letter O with acute,
OcircÔÔlatin capital letter O with circumflex,
OtildeÕÕlatin capital letter O with tilde,
OumlÖÖlatin capital letter O with diaeresis,
times××multiplication sign, U+00D7 ISOnum
OslashØØlatin capital letter O with stroke
UgraveÙÙlatin capital letter U with grave,
UacuteÚÚlatin capital letter U with acute,
UcircÛÛlatin capital letter U with circumflex,
UumlÜÜlatin capital letter U with diaeresis,
YacuteÝÝlatin capital letter Y with acute,
THORNÞÞlatin capital letter THORN,
szligßßlatin small letter sharp s = ess-zed,
agraveààlatin small letter a with grave
aacuteáálatin small letter a with acute,
acircââlatin small letter a with circumflex,
atildeããlatin small letter a with tilde,
aumläälatin small letter a with diaeresis,
aringåålatin small letter a with ring above
aeligæælatin small letter ae
ccedilççlatin small letter c with cedilla,
egraveèèlatin small letter e with grave,
eacuteéélatin small letter e with acute,
ecircêêlatin small letter e with circumflex,
eumlëëlatin small letter e with diaeresis,
igraveììlatin small letter i with grave,
iacuteíílatin small letter i with acute,
icircîîlatin small letter i with circumflex,
iumlïïlatin small letter i with diaeresis,
ethððlatin small letter eth, U+00F0 ISOlat1
ntildeññlatin small letter n with tilde,
ograveòòlatin small letter o with grave,
oacuteóólatin small letter o with acute,
ocircôôlatin small letter o with circumflex,
otildeõõlatin small letter o with tilde,
oumlöölatin small letter o with diaeresis,
divide÷÷division sign, U+00F7 ISOnum
oslashøølatin small letter o with stroke,
ugraveùùlatin small letter u with grave,
uacuteúúlatin small letter u with acute,
ucircûûlatin small letter u with circumflex,
uumlüülatin small letter u with diaeresis,
yacuteýýlatin small letter y with acute,
thornþþlatin small letter thorn,
yumlÿÿlatin small letter y with diaeresis,
fnofƒƒlatin small f with hook = function
AlphaΑΑgreek capital letter alpha, U+0391
BetaΒΒgreek capital letter beta, U+0392
GammaΓΓgreek capital letter gamma,
DeltaΔΔgreek capital letter delta,
EpsilonΕΕgreek capital letter epsilon, U+0395
ZetaΖΖgreek capital letter zeta, U+0396
EtaΗΗgreek capital letter eta, U+0397
ThetaΘΘgreek capital letter theta,
IotaΙΙgreek capital letter iota, U+0399
KappaΚΚgreek capital letter kappa, U+039A
LambdaΛΛgreek capital letter lambda,
MuΜΜgreek capital letter mu, U+039C
NuΝΝgreek capital letter nu, U+039D
XiΞΞgreek capital letter xi, U+039E ISOgrk3
OmicronΟΟgreek capital letter omicron, U+039F
PiΠΠgreek capital letter pi, U+03A0 ISOgrk3
RhoΡΡgreek capital letter rho, U+03A1
SigmaΣΣgreek capital letter sigma,
TauΤΤgreek capital letter tau, U+03A4
UpsilonΥΥgreek capital letter upsilon,
PhiΦΦgreek capital letter phi,
ChiΧΧgreek capital letter chi, U+03A7
PsiΨΨgreek capital letter psi,
OmegaΩΩgreek capital letter omega,
alphaααgreek small letter alpha,
betaββgreek small letter beta, U+03B2 ISOgrk3
gammaγγgreek small letter gamma,
deltaδδgreek small letter delta,
epsilonεεgreek small letter epsilon,
zetaζζgreek small letter zeta, U+03B6 ISOgrk3
etaηηgreek small letter eta, U+03B7 ISOgrk3
thetaθθgreek small letter theta,
iotaιιgreek small letter iota, U+03B9 ISOgrk3
kappaκκgreek small letter kappa,
lambdaλλgreek small letter lambda,
muμμgreek small letter mu, U+03BC ISOgrk3
nuννgreek small letter nu, U+03BD ISOgrk3
xiξξgreek small letter xi, U+03BE ISOgrk3
omicronοοgreek small letter omicron, U+03BF NEW
piππgreek small letter pi, U+03C0 ISOgrk3
rhoρρgreek small letter rho, U+03C1 ISOgrk3
sigmafςςgreek small letter final sigma,
sigmaσσgreek small letter sigma,
tauττgreek small letter tau, U+03C4 ISOgrk3
upsilonυυgreek small letter upsilon,
phiφφgreek small letter phi, U+03C6 ISOgrk3
chiχχgreek small letter chi, U+03C7 ISOgrk3
psiψψgreek small letter psi, U+03C8 ISOgrk3
omegaωωgreek small letter omega,
thetasymϑϑgreek small letter theta symbol,
upsihϒϒgreek upsilon with hook symbol,
pivϖϖgreek pi symbol, U+03D6 ISOgrk3
bull••bullet = black small circle,
hellip……horizontal ellipsis = three dot leader,
prime′prime = minutes = feet, U+2032 ISOtech
Prime″double prime = seconds = inches,
oline‾overline = spacing overscore,
frasl⁄fraction slash, U+2044 NEW
weierp℘script capital P = power set
imageℑblackletter capital I = imaginary part,
realℜblackletter capital R = real part symbol,
trade™™trade mark sign, U+2122 ISOnum
alefsymℵalef symbol = first transfinite cardinal,
larr←leftwards arrow, U+2190 ISOnum
uarr↑upwards arrow, U+2191 ISOnum–>
rarr→rightwards arrow, U+2192 ISOnum
darr↓downwards arrow, U+2193 ISOnum
harr↔left right arrow, U+2194 ISOamsa
crarr↵downwards arrow with corner leftwards
lArr⇐leftwards double arrow, U+21D0 ISOtech
uArr⇑upwards double arrow, U+21D1 ISOamsa
rArr⇒rightwards double arrow,
dArr⇓downwards double arrow, U+21D3 ISOamsa
hArr⇔left right double arrow,
forall∀for all, U+2200 ISOtech
part∂partial differential, U+2202 ISOtech
exist∃there exists, U+2203 ISOtech
empty∅empty set = null set = diameter,
nabla∇nabla = backward difference,
isin∈element of, U+2208 ISOtech
notin∉not an element of, U+2209 ISOtech
ni∋contains as member, U+220B ISOtech
prod∏n-ary product = product sign,
sum∑n-ary sumation, U+2211 ISOamsb
minus−minus sign, U+2212 ISOtech
lowast∗asterisk operator, U+2217 ISOtech
radic√square root = radical sign,
prop∝proportional to, U+221D ISOtech
infin∞infinity, U+221E ISOtech
ang∠angle, U+2220 ISOamso
and∧logical and = wedge, U+2227 ISOtech
or∨logical or = vee, U+2228 ISOtech
cap∩intersection = cap, U+2229 ISOtech
cup∪union = cup, U+222A ISOtech
int∫integral, U+222B ISOtech
there4∴therefore, U+2234 ISOtech
sim∼tilde operator = varies with = similar
cong≅approximately equal to, U+2245 ISOtech
asymp≈almost equal to = asymptotic to,
ne≠not equal to, U+2260 ISOtech
equiv≡identical to, U+2261 ISOtech
le≤less-than or equal to, U+2264 ISOtech
ge≥greater-than or equal to,
sub⊂subset of, U+2282 ISOtech
sup⊃superset of, U+2283 ISOtech
nsub⊄not a subset of, U+2284 ISOamsn
sube⊆subset of or equal to, U+2286 ISOtech
supe⊇superset of or equal to,
oplus⊕circled plus = direct sum,
otimes⊗circled times = vector product,
perp⊥up tack = orthogonal to = perpendicular,
sdot⋅dot operator, U+22C5 ISOamsb
lceil⌈left ceiling = apl upstile,
rceil⌉right ceiling, U+2309 ISOamsc
lfloor⌊left floor = apl downstile,
rfloor⌋right floor, U+230B ISOamsc
lang〈left-pointing angle bracket = bra,
rang〉right-pointing angle bracket = ket,
loz◊lozenge, U+25CA ISOpub
spades♠black spade suit, U+2660 ISOpub
clubs♣black club suit = shamrock,
hearts♥black heart suit = valentine,
diams♦black diamond suit, U+2666 ISOpub
quot""quotation mark = APL quote,
amp&&ampersand, U+0026 ISOnum
lt<&#60;less-than sign, U+003C ISOnum
gt>&#62;greater-than sign, U+003E ISOnum
OEligŒ&#338;latin capital ligature OE,
oeligœ&#339;latin small ligature oe, U+0153 ISOlat2
ScaronŠ&#352;latin capital letter S with caron,
scaronš&#353;latin small letter s with caron,
YumlŸ&#376;latin capital letter Y with diaeresis,
circˆ&#710;modifier letter circumflex accent,
tilde˜&#732;small tilde, U+02DC ISOdia
ensp &#8194;en space, U+2002 ISOpub
emsp &#8195;em space, U+2003 ISOpub
thinsp &#8201;thin space, U+2009 ISOpub
zwnj&#8204;zero width non-joiner,
zwj&#8205;zero width joiner, U+200D NEW RFC 2070
lrm&#8206;left-to-right mark, U+200E NEW RFC 2070
rlm&#8207;right-to-left mark, U+200F NEW RFC 2070
ndash–&#8211;en dash, U+2013 ISOpub
mdash—&#8212;em dash, U+2014 ISOpub
lsquo‘&#8216;left single quotation mark,
rsquo’&#8217;right single quotation mark,
sbquo‚&#8218;single low-9 quotation mark, U+201A NEW
ldquo“&#8220;left double quotation mark,
rdquo”&#8221;right double quotation mark,
bdquo„&#8222;double low-9 quotation mark, U+201E NEW
dagger†&#8224;dagger, U+2020 ISOpub
Dagger‡&#8225;double dagger, U+2021 ISOpub
permil‰&#8240;per mille sign, U+2030 ISOtech
lsaquo‹&#8249;single left-pointing angle quotation mark,
rsaquo›&#8250;single right-pointing angle quotation mark,
euro€&#8364;euro sign, U+20AC NEW

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