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Three Eclipse plug-ins for improving your Java code

Three Eclipse plug-ins for improving your Java code
section-java-testingA great thing about #Eclipse is that you can easily extend it with additional functionality and there are plenty of add-on to choose from. We would like to highlight three free plug-ins that help our #Java developers improve their code.
  • Checkstyle improves the readability of #Java code by helping developers adhere to coding conventions. #Eclipse has powerful auto-formatting capabilities but lacks the ability to warn when coding conventions are not followed. Checkstyle provides configurable rule sets and adds warnings to files that break the rules. New members on a team and more experienced developers can both benefit from these reminders.
  • FindBugs helps developers detect common bugs by searching for bug patterns, pieces of code that are likely to cause bugs. The plug-in contains a list of over 200 bug patterns grouped into categories like correctness, performance and security.
  • EclEmma is an award winning code coverage tool for #Eclipse. The plug-in is based on the EMMA #Java code coverage tool, bringing its philosophy to #Eclipse: fast develop/test cycles, rich code coverage and non-invasive tooling. The plug-in provides color highlighting of executed code. This allows developers to see at a glance which areas need more testing.
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