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Playing with Axis C++ and Apache 1.3.1

Playing with Axis C++ and Apache 1.3.1

Here is a How to since it take me a very long time to install something which should have been trivial….
For the benefit of the community, I am publishing it here on my free time 🙂 … Enjoy…

Apache Axis and Apache Axis C++ are implementation of the SOAP ("Simple Object Access Protocol") submission to W3C. From the W3C draft specification:

SOAP is a lightweight protocol for exchanging structured information in a decentralized, distributed environment. It is an XML based protocol that consists of three parts: an envelope that defines a framework for describing what is in a message and how to process it, a set of encoding rules for expressing instances of application-defined datatypes, and a convention for representing remote procedure calls and responses.

Axis C/C++ (Axis CPP) is a non-Java implementation of Axis. At its core Axis CPP has a C++ runtime engine. The provided tooling allows you to create C++ client-side stubs and server-side skeletons. The server skeletons can be deployed to either a full Apache web server using the supplied apache module or a "simple_axis_server" – which is a simple HTTP listener (designed to help you test your services).

1. Download either Apache 2.0 or Apache 1.3
unpack it to c:\apache

2. Download the latest version of Axis C++
unpack it to c:\axis

Note: try to avoid space in path, it has always been proved to be a mess under Windows.

3. Open  and add following lines at the end of Apache config file

Apache 1.3

in c:\apache\conf\http.conf

Apache 2.0

in c:\apache\conf\http.conf

LoadModule axis_module ../axis/lib/modules/mod_axis.dll
<Location /axis>
SetHandler axis
LoadModule axis_module ../axis/lib/mod_axis2.dll
<Location /axis>
SetHandler axis

4. Now it is starting to be interesting, both mod_axis.dll  and mod_axis2.dll have dependencies to an old dll which do no more exist since windows 98 ! msjava.dll

You need to copy from Internet msjava.dll into c:\axis\lib
You also need to copy the xerces parser xerces-c_2_2_0.dll  into c:\axis\lib

Axiss C++ required library in lib directory

5. Create a file axiscpp.conf (or search in zip distributions for a template of it) and copy it into c:\axis
Modify all path to DLL accordingly. Note that relative path or absolute path also work.

Example of  axiscpp.conf
# The comment character is ‘#’
#Available directives are as follows
#(Some of these directives may not be implemented yet)
#WSDDFilePath:The path to the server wsdd
#LogPath:The path to the axis log
#ClientLogPath:The path to the axis client log
#ClientWSDDFilePath:The path to the client wsdd
#Transport_http:The HTTP transport library
#Transport_smtp:The SMTP transport library
#XMLParser:The xml parser library
#NodeName:Node name
#ListenPort:Listening port
#Channel_HTTP:The HTTP transport channel library
#Channel_HTTP_SSL:The HTTP transport secure channel library


6. Go into c:/apache and create a small batch file there 

example of start script for Apache startApache.bat
SET PATH=%PATH%;c:\axis\lib
SET LIB_PATH=%LIB_PATH%;c:\axis\lib


7. create a file in c:\axis\conf\server.wsdd

Example of c:\axis\conf\server.wsdd
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<!– The Entity, wspath in the following internal subset allows setting a
     path for the webservices location –>
<!DOCTYPE vars [ <!ENTITY wspath "/home/sanjaya/Axis/webservices/"> ]>

<deployment xmlns=""
    <service name="transportProperties"
             description="This is a simple test">
        <parameter name="className"
        <parameter name="allowedMethods" value="add subtract"/>

Use script 6.  to start Apache, if you get an exception, read it or verify DLL dependencies with DLL dependency walker

Go In a Browser and type http://localhost/axis


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