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Pollinate Milestone 3 On March 2 the #Eclipse Pollinate project release milestone 3. The goal of the Pollinate project is to build an #Eclipse-based IDE and toolset that leverages the open source Apache Beehive application framework. The Pollinate project is led by Instantiations and is sponsored by BEA. Pollinate will provide a full-featured #Java development environment that enables developers to visually build and assemble enterprise-scale web applications, JSPs, web services, and leverage the #Java controls framework for creating and consuming J2EE

BEA Joins #Eclipse Foundation:
BEA has joined the #Eclipse Foundation as a Board Member and Strategic Developer. As part of this commitment, BEA offered to lead the Web Tools Platform (WTP) project, an offer that was accepted with the selection of a BEA senior architect to the WTP Project Management Committee as co-lead. In addition, BEA is proposing a new Language Development Tools project and is also merging its open source
AspectWerkz project with the #Eclipse AspectJ project.

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