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.NET / Java portability with Mainsoft

 Mainsoft Corporation’s porting solution, Visual MainWin, enables software developers to recompile their Windows source code (, VB .NET) to java bytecode and let it run on #Linux, Unix, HPUx/Itanium, Macintosh

As you know, when you compile an application in Visual Studio .NET, it generates Microsoft Intermediate Language (MS IL), which executes on the Microsoft Common Language Runtime (CLR) .NET framework. Grasshopper is a plug-in to Visual Studio .NET, which takes this MS IL and converts it into #Java Byte Code, which executes on a #Java Virtual Machine. Grasshopper also includes J2EE implementations of ASP.NET, ADO.NET, and the most common .NET namespaces, so the required dependencies are available on your J2EE platform.

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