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Monitoring a java 1.5 VM

Using #Java platform management beans

The latest release of the #Java™ platform includes a number of new system monitoring and management features. In this article, three developers from the IBM #Java Technology Centre team up to get you started using this API. After a quick overview of the package, they guide you through a number of short practical scenarios to probe the performance of a running JVM.
Among the many new features introduced in version 5.0 of the #Java 2 platform is an API that enables #Java applications and compliant tools to both monitor and manage a #Java virtual machine (JVM) and the native operating system on which it runs. In this article, you will learn about capabilities of this new platform management API, which is housed in the package. This article gets you quickly up to speed with a new set of powerful features that will become more important in future #Java platform releases.

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