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Java Garbage Collector log analysis

These tools assist you in analyzing the garbage collection (GC) log files produced by the JVM when using -verbosegc or -Xloggc:.. or equivalent. GC log file analysis is the most useful technique for identifying exactly what your JVM is doing in terms of GC, and also provides the most useful data for tuning the GC.

I really like this tool, nothing to install and excellent graphs!

Analyzing JVM Garbage collection logs is not trivial, it needs specialized skills. Besides that Garbage Collection Log format is not standardized. Garbage Collection Logs formats varies by what type of GC algorithm you use, what version of JVM you run, what Operating System you run, etc…. Despite all these short-comings, industry doesn’t have a standard tool which can work with all different GC log formats. To address this vacuum industry’s first universal GC analyzer “” has been developed.

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