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HTML 4.01 Entities Reference

ISO 8859-1 Symbol Entities

ResultDescriptionEntity NameEntity Number
 non-breaking space  
¡inverted exclamation mark¡¡
¦broken vertical bar¦¦
¨spacing diaeresis¨¨
ªfeminine ordinal indicatorªª
«angle quotation mark (left)««
­soft hyphen­­
®registered trademark®®
¯spacing macron¯¯
±plus-or-minus ±±
²superscript 2²²
³superscript 3³³
´spacing acute´´
·middle dot··
¸spacing cedilla¸¸
¹superscript 1¹¹
ºmasculine ordinal indicatorºº
»angle quotation mark (right)»»
¼fraction 1/4¼¼
½fraction 1/2½½
¾fraction 3/4¾¾
¿inverted question mark¿¿
Àcapital a, grave accentÀÀ
Ácapital a, acute accentÁÁ
Âcapital a, circumflex accentÂÂ
Ãcapital a, tildeÃÃ
Äcapital a, umlaut markÄÄ
Åcapital a, ringÅÅ
Æcapital aeÆÆ
Çcapital c, cedillaÇÇ
Ècapital e, grave accentÈÈ
Écapital e, acute accentÉÉ
Êcapital e, circumflex accentÊÊ
Ëcapital e, umlaut markËË
Ìcapital i, grave accentÌÌ
Ícapital i, acute accentÍÍ
Îcapital i, circumflex accentÎÎ
Ïcapital i, umlaut markÏÏ
Ðcapital eth, IcelandicÐÐ
Ñcapital n, tildeÑÑ
Òcapital o, grave accentÒÒ
Ócapital o, acute accentÓÓ
Ôcapital o, circumflex accentÔÔ
Õcapital o, tildeÕÕ
Öcapital o, umlaut markÖÖ
Øcapital o, slashØØ
Ùcapital u, grave accentÙÙ
Úcapital u, acute accentÚÚ
Ûcapital u, circumflex accentÛÛ
Ücapital u, umlaut markÜÜ
Ýcapital y, acute accentÝÝ
Þcapital THORN, IcelandicÞÞ
ßsmall sharp s, Germanßß
àsmall a, grave accentàà
ásmall a, acute accentáá
âsmall a, circumflex accentââ
ãsmall a, tildeãã
äsmall a, umlaut markää
åsmall a, ringåå
æsmall aeææ
çsmall c, cedillaçç
èsmall e, grave accentèè
ésmall e, acute accentéé
êsmall e, circumflex accentêê
ësmall e, umlaut markëë
ìsmall i, grave accentìì
ísmall i, acute accentíí
îsmall i, circumflex accentîî
ïsmall i, umlaut markïï
ðsmall eth, Icelandicðð
ñsmall n, tildeññ
òsmall o, grave accentòò
ósmall o, acute accentóó
ôsmall o, circumflex accentôô
õsmall o, tildeõõ
ösmall o, umlaut marköö
øsmall o, slashøø
ùsmall u, grave accentùù
úsmall u, acute accentúú
ûsmall u, circumflex accentûû
üsmall u, umlaut marküü
ýsmall y, acute accentýý
þsmall thorn, Icelandicþþ
ÿsmall y, umlaut markÿÿ
Œcapital ligature OEŒŒ
œsmall ligature oeœœ
Šcapital S with caronŠŠ
šsmall S with caronšš
Ÿcapital Y with diaeresŸŸ
ˆmodifier letter circumflex accentˆˆ
˜small tilde˜˜
 en space  
 em space  
 thin space  
zero width non-joiner‌‌
zero width joiner‍‍
left-to-right mark‎‎
right-to-left mark‏‏
–en dash––
—em dash——
‘left single quotation mark‘‘
’right single quotation mark’’
‚single low-9 quotation mark‚‚
“left double quotation mark““
”right double quotation mark””
„double low-9 quotation mark„„
‡double dagger‡‡
…horizontal ellipsis……
‰per mille ‰‰
‹single left-pointing angle quotation‹‹
›single right-pointing angle quotation››

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