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How To decompile all classes from a jar

What if you have to decompile a huge jar file (like weblogic.jar) to debug a nasty issue? for a lot of closed source binary the source code is not always available, in this small post I will show you how to automate the de-compilation of java classes with a bit of bash magic.

First you’ll have to get the JAD decompiler if you don’t already have this tool in your development toolbox


Unpack and decompile all class found in the jar file, replace the file weblogic.jar with any other jar file

jar  -xf weblogic.jar && find . -iname "*.class" | xargs / -r 

Delete all files *.class from the current directory recursively

find . -type f -name *.class -exec rm {} \;

And rename all decompile .jad files to .java

find -name *.jad -exec rename 's/\.jad$/\.java/' {} \;

You can now repack the whole directory into a zip that you may deploy in your local #maven repository or attached to weblogic.jar as source code in eclipse. I now just have to wish you good luck and happy debugging sessions!

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