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Fully Time Deterministic Java

Fully Time Deterministic Java

The AIAA (American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics) paper [.pdf] plan to use java (For cost reasons) for safety-critical missions. The first fully time-deterministic and open-source library for #Java: Javolution is ready to fight!

Javolution real-time goals are simple: To make your application faster and more time predictable!
That being accomplished through:

  • High performance and time-deterministic (real-time) util / lang / text / io / xml base classes.
  • Context programming in order to achieve true separation of concerns (logging, performance, etc).
  • A testing framework addressing not only unit tests but also performance and regression tests as well.
  • Straightforward and low-level parallel computing capabilities with ConcurrentContext.
  • Struct and Union base classes for direct interfacing with native applications (e.g. C/C++).
  • World’s fastest and first hard real-time XML marshalling/unmarshalling facility.
  • Simple yet flexible configuration management of your application.

 Top 10 Reason to make a try:

  1. Javolution classes are simple to use, even simpler than most JDK classes. You don’t need to guess the capacity of a TextBuilder, FastTable or a FastMap, their size expand gently without ever incurring expensive resize/copy or rehash operations (unlike StringBuilder, ArrayList or HashMap).
  2. Developers may achieve true separation of concerns (e.g. logging, configuration) through Context Programming or by using classes such as Configurable.
  3. Javolution classes are fast, very fast (e.g. Text insertion/deletion in O[Log(n)] instead of O[n] for standard StringBuffer/StringBuilder).
  4. All Javolution classes are hard real-time compliant and have highly deterministic behavior (in the microsecond range). Furthermore (unlike the standard library), Javolution is RTSJ safe (no memory clash or memory leak when used with #Java Real-Time extension).
  5. Javolution makes it easy for concurrent algorithms to take advantage of multi-processors systems.
  6. Javolution‘s real-time collection classes (map, list, table and set) can be used in place of most standard collection classes and provide numerous additional capabilities.
  7. Any #Java class can be serialized/deserialized in XML format in any form you may want, also no need to implement Serializable or for the platform to support serialization
  8. Javolution provides Struct and Union classes for direct interoperability with C/C++ applications.
  9. Javolution runs on any platform from the simplest J2ME CLDC 1.0 with no garbage collector to the latest J2EE 5.0 with parameterized types.
  10. Javolution is a pure Java Solution (no native code), small (less than 300 KBytes jar file) and free; permission to use, copy, modify, and distribute this software is freely granted, provided that copyright notices are preserved (BSD License).
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