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Eclipse? not only for java developer

I came across this article at IBM developerworks, which explain how to use the RDT: Ruby IDE for the Eclipse platform. I decide also to give You here an overview of all languages supported by eclipse:

  • JDT: The JDT project provides the tool plug-ins that implement a #Java IDE supporting the development of any #Java application, including #Eclipse plug-ins. It adds a #Java project nature and #Java perspective to the #Eclipse Workbench as well as a number of views, editors, wizards, builders, and code merging and refactoring tools. The JDT project allows #Eclipse to be a development environment for itself.

  • RDT is an open source Ruby IDE for the #Eclipse platform.
    Features supported are syntax highlighting, on the fly syntax check, graphical outline, Test::Unit view/runner, Ruby application launching, content assist, source formatter, and a Ruby debugger.

  • CDT (C/C++ Development Tools) Project is working towards providing a fully functional C and C++ Integrated Development Environment (IDE) for the #Eclipse platform. 

  • Cobol: #Eclipse fundation is hosting one COBOL CDT project but there is also a commercial plugin: the ACUCOBOL-GT #Eclipse Plug-in,

  • PHP:   PHPeclipse (open source CPL) PHP parser, debugger, code formatter, outline view, templates. Note also that ZEND has joined the eclipse board, so their flagship product ZEND Studio Pro may have a future as an eclipse plugin.

  • PERL: EPIC is an opensource Perl IDE for the #Eclipse platform. Features supported are syntax highlighting, on the fly syntax check, content assist, perldoc support, source formatter, templating support and a Perl debugger. A regular expression plugin and support for the eSpell spellchecker are also available.

  • Python: PyDev is a plugin that enables users to use Eclipse for Python and Jython development. It comes with many goodies such as code completion, syntax highlighting, syntax analysis, refactor, debug and many others.
  • Eiffel: The Eclipe Eiffel Development Tools (EDT) are a set of plugins which eventually implement a full-fledged, highly integrated Eiffel development environment based on the #Eclipse Platform
  • Groovy: The plugin provides a Groovy editor for editing scripts or classes in Groovy (Groovy is an object-oriented programming language designed for the #Java platform as an alternative to #Java with features from Python, Ruby and Smalltalk. see WikiPedia) language. Groovy makes writing scripts and applications for the #Java Virtual Machine fast and easy.
  • Microsoft C#: Improve C# code editing with: Creation of new C# files (with a basic structure) – Syntax highlighting – Content assistant for C# keywords – Auto-indentation – C# code compilation etc  Unfortunately no more active development since June 2004

And the list goes on……beside this nearly all minor scripting languages are supported (jsp, javascript … for ex.) and minor markup language (XML, HTML, JSF…) with the tremendous list of plugins:

  • #Eclipse Plugin Central (EPIC) offers the #Eclipse community and users of IBM WebSphere Studio application development environments (WSAD, WSSD, WSED, etc.) a convenient, information-rich portal that helps software developers find open source and commercial #Eclipse plug-ins, tools, and products that enhance the entire #Java software development life-cycle.

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