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Eclipse 5th birthday

Eclipse 5th birthday

Community Bulletin

Eclipse is turning 5! It was November 7, 2001 when IBM first released #Eclipse as an open source project. To celebrate, a number of activities are being organized for the #Eclipse community.

Birthday Card

An electronic birthday card has been setup to allow individuals in the the #Eclipse community to show their support for #Eclipse. Everyone in the #Eclipse community is encouraged to sign the #Eclipse birthday card.

Individuals signing the card before December 1, 2006 will qualify for a random draw to win one of 20 #Eclipse sweaters.

Product Hall of Fame

Over the last five years, the #Eclipse community has built hundreds, if not thousands, of #Eclipse based products. Therefore, an Eclipse Product Wall of Fame has been setup to showcase these products. Organizations and individuals that have created #Eclipse based products and plug-ins are invited to add their solution to the Product Wall of Fame.

Eclipse Birthday Parties

There are over 25 local #Eclipse birthday parties organized in cities around the world to celebrate this event. Locations, dates, and RSVP links can be found here.

And here is my submission


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