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Auto completion of Icesoft Icefaces tags in eclipse Helios

Auto completion of Icesoft Icefaces tags in eclipse Helios


ICEsoft Technologies, Inc., is a leading provider of standards-compliant, Ajax-based solutions for developing and deploying #Java EE, rich Internet applications. ICEfaces is a leading open source Ajax framework for #Java EE.

I search a lot in forums for resolving this small inconvenience in eclipse Helios. The solution is easier as you think:

Are you using some custom file extensions?

Name your facelets templates *.jspx if you are using any other extension, #Eclipse JSP editor wont be used and you may have limited auto completion support.

if you still want to use *.xhtml, .iface

  1. Go to Windows – Preferences – General – Content Types –  Text – JSP – and add your extensions
  2. into ‘File Associations’ and made the ‘JSP editor’ the default for .xhtml

Auto completion for facelets, html and core components

Use Jboss Tools which has enables content assist for f: ui: s: h:

To install JBoss Tools, start up #Eclipse 3.6 then:

Help > Install New Software... >

and add this URL:

Locate your project in eclipse, right click, select configure and choose “Add JSF capabilities” as seen in the picture below


Now open any files with the HTML editor/JSP editor, in fact it will work now with any editors and for all tags


Another solution

You do not need to install Jboss Tools (I recommend it through) but what about Icefaces support?

Icefaces provide a plugin 3.5.0 that support auto completion of tags in #Eclipse Galileo (3.5) for icefaces 1.8.2.  While #Eclipse Helios is only supported with icefaces 2.0 (plugin > 3.6.2)

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