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Atlassian just acquired GreenHopper

Atlassian just acquired GreenHopper


Atlassian just acquired GreenHopper, a popular JIRA plugin with over 800 customers.

GreenHopper is a JIRA plug-in that adds a broad collection of agile project management capabilities to JIRA, and extends JIRA as a powerful platform for agile development teams. GreenHopper simplifies the planning and organization of tasks, workflows and reporting for agile teams.

It introduce in JIRA

  • Card management:  Visualise issues, tasks and user stories as graphical "cards", color-coded and dynamically editable.

  • Planning Board: Quickly create, assemble, sort and prioritize project tasks with drag-and-drop simplicity.

  • Task Board: Track progress through simple, graphical views of remaining tasks across projects and teams.

  • Chart Board: Customizable dashboard, dynamic burn down and burn up charts.

Learn all about GreenHopper at Unfortunately it is not a free extension… ($700 to $1150 to add to JIRA)

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