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What news on my homepage

  • New templates with more width (+200 pixel wider)
  • New ratings icons.
  • Commenting, Guestbook and Contact section are now protected with com_securityimages. (in version 1.0.0 but I will install version 1.0.1 soon)
  • My wiki is blocked, Database behind is in read only mode.
  • A new module displaying the latest comments has been installed (right side)

What I have todo…

  • The theme is correctly diplayed in firefox but not in IE…
  • The release "security bundle against spammers for Mambo" 1.0.1 has to be prepared
  • My Wiki will stayed blocked till I integrate hashcash or security images into it -> I will contact the developer of WikiMedia for this

Note:  Please submit Hashcash and security images components
 (home  bugs to the Tracker at

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