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Welcome to Google App Engine

Welcome to Google App Engine

I am IN! just got my invitation 2 hours ago… Visit the Getting Started Guide, the FAQ, or the Developer’s Guide

Unfortunately for me the only language supported now is Python 2.5, I would have prefer to use php or java


appengine.gif  Run your web applications on Google’s infrastructure.

Google App Engine enables developers to build web applications on the same scalable systems that power our own applications.

No assembly required.
Google App Engine exposes a fully-integrated development environment.

It’s easy to scale.
Google App Engine makes it easy to design scalable applications that grow from one to millions of users without infrastructure headaches.

It’s free to get started.
Every Google App Engine application will have enough CPU, bandwidth, and storage to serve around 5 million monthly pageviews.


Thanks for signing up to try Google App Engine!  Your account has been activated, so you can begin building applications!
To start creating applications with Google App Engine, simply follow this link (you may need to sign in with your Google Account) and verify your account with a mobile phone number:
If you are having trouble verifying your account via SMS please fill out the following form and your account will be reviewed and enabled within seven days:
The Google App Engine Team

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