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Thanks ALL!

Thanks to all my visitors!

  • It seems that You appreciate my new Mambo powered Homepage: nearly 300.000 visitors in 15 months: an average of 20.000 visits monthly
  • My Google ranking (Google’s measure of the importance of this page) is 3/10 which is terrific for a personal page 🙂
  • I receive app. 3 to 5 emails enquiries about articles weekly in german, french and english, sorry but I can not read spanish or japanese 🙂
  • I receive app. one Job offer each week per email 🙂
  • I have app. 200 comments posted in articles 🙂 You feedback is important, I always try to improve articles contents based on Your remarqs.
  • Only the forum is not really used…

You are encouraging me each day to do more…let’s keep the good work together 🙂

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