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Redirect/Refresh problem under Internet explorer

 Since at least 2 days, My homepage has been unavailable to all Internet explorer users…(76% of my visitors)

Internet Explorer 6.0workingendless redirect loop
Firefox 1.0.7workingworking
Opera 8.5workingworking

My internet page has under it’s root directory an index.html file which redirect You to #Joomla

The following file has work since recently, under IE but suddenly stop 3 days ago…

Content of index.html

endless redirect loop
<META HTTP-EQUIV="refresh" content="0 ; /Mambo/index.php">

Firefox has no difficulties with the file above. After a quick Look at the W3C consortium for HTML normalisation, I found the following code

Content of index.html (working)
<META HTTP-EQUIV="refresh" content="1;URL=/Mambo/index.php">

So to resume, a coding error, lazy standard and ME only testing under firefox…I apologize for inconvenience…and will try to avoid such situation in future.


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