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Ready to help Google a little bit when it crawl your site?

A Google Sitemap is an XML file in the Sitemap format which contains a list of all pages of your Web site, and additional information such as the last-modified date, and how frequently they change.

I suggest You to read first this great article from Sarah (pro and cons) and then the Google FAQ

Let’s invest 5 minutes in a solution for #Joomla and Mambo…

  1. Go to and create a google account if you do not have one already.
  2. Download the file Google Sitemap for Mambo at
  3. I personaly have renamed the file using a UUID, in order to harden security (the file do not do something special but anyway) I prefer not to have the same filename as million of people jsut in case of 😉
  4. Upload this file to the root directory of #Joomla/Mambo
  5. Verify by giving in a browser the location of file, you receive an XML file (if not something is wrong)
  6. add the URL in the panel of Google sitemap

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