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 I’ve found a workaround to the "You are not authorized to view that resource" problem.For some reasons, which are still unknown for me, and when someone try an invalid url, or the tool get mad, the OPEN-SEF create a dummy friendly URL rule: it map it to "/" which led to the invalid message.

To solve temporary this error, I use to unpublish the fault URL rule, but since I still need to sleep 🙂 i can not guarantee thee statbility when I am not in front of my computer.

While I did not find the reason, and after tweaking the OPEN-SEF parameters for a while, I decide to put a workaround in place: a crontab
1. Create a file on your server:
2. put this inside: mysql -uDBUSER -pDBPWD DBNAME -e "delete FROM DBPREFIX_sef WHERE external = ‘/’"
3. create a crontab entry using PLESK panel or SSH (crontab -e)
*/1 * * * * /var/www/vhosts/

this will execute the file every minute. Note I will contact Mrko Schmuck (Aka predator) and browse its forum to see if I can solve it elegantly.

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