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No update at the moment?

No update at the moment?

I currently quite busy at the moment, but here is what happening behind the scene:

1. At the office, I am in 3 major projects for the company:

 This may give me the possibility to publish some code snipets/advices/feedback on my homepage…

2. I am now an official developer of BloggX (and so registered at #JoomlaForge), a #Java Fat GUI project will is quite stable (version 2.11), I took the time to shrink the code down and rewrite it in a more Object Oriented manner using Refactoring techniques.

3. I am supporting the creation and start of a new consulting company: for a friend (design, components installation and #Joomla know how transfer)

4. I am buidling my high avaibility monster Network Array System (NAS), 7 * 300 Gb, and documenting my finding for a new serie of 3 articles:

  • Building a NAS, choosing components, choosing OS, software install
  • Software Raid benchmark
  • Hardware Raid benchmark

I know I have to:

  • Finish the porting of OpenComment to #Joomla 1.5, and use AJAX where it make sense: comments rating, comments filtering ….etc…
  • Do some support, mainly closing bugs in the tracker…
  • Extends my homepage with new content…

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