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No update at the moment?

No update at the moment?

I currently quite busy at the moment, but here is what happening behind the scene:

1. At the office, I am in 3 major projects for the company:

 This may give me the possibility to publish some code snipets/advices/feedback on my homepage…

2. I am now an official developer of BloggX (and so registered at #JoomlaForge), a #Java Fat GUI project will is quite stable (version 2.11), I took the time to shrink the code down and rewrite it in a more Object Oriented manner using Refactoring techniques.

3. I am supporting the creation and start of a new consulting company: for a friend (design, components installation and #Joomla know how transfer)

4. I am buidling my high avaibility monster Network Array System (NAS), 7 * 300 Gb, and documenting my finding for a new serie of 3 articles:

  • Building a NAS, choosing components, choosing OS, software install
  • Software Raid benchmark
  • Hardware Raid benchmark

I know I have to:

  • Finish the porting of OpenComment to #Joomla 1.5, and use AJAX where it make sense: comments rating, comments filtering ….etc…
  • Do some support, mainly closing bugs in the tracker…
  • Extends my homepage with new content…

About The Author

Cédric Walter

I worked with various Insurances companies across Switzerland on online applications handling billion premium volumes. I love to continuously spark my creativity in many different and challenging open-source projects fueled by my great passion for innovation and blockchain technology.In my technical role as a senior software engineer and Blockchain consultant, I help to define and implement innovative solutions in the scope of both blockchain and traditional products, solutions, and services. I can support the full spectrum of software development activities, starting from analyzing ideas and business cases and up to the production deployment of the solutions.I'm the Founder and CEO of Disruptr GmbH.