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New gallery at

New gallery at


I’ve decide to replace my existing gallery, powered by Gallery2, at by a SmugMug account, mainly because:

  • My server has only 1Gb of ram
  • My current traffic is not compatible with the streaming of 12MPixels images.
  • Flickr and SmugMug both support IPTC tags and EXIF captions embedded in photos.
  • I like the graphical user interface of smugmug a lot, look more professional, even more than  Flickr
  • API well documented and huge number of tools to upload data

All in all and thanks to the integration in picasa though a smugmug picasa plugin, it has been very easy to send 7GB (roughly 2000 pictures)

All pictures (1500 !) of my trip in Australia are now online at 

If you are lost due to the huge number of pictures, yo’ll like the keyword page

Now I need to find a way to share  1300 Australia’s clips in HD 1080i avchd…

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