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My Provider has changed their DNS

What is a DNS? click read more

Why it will affect YOU? because windows has a DNS cache, that get refresh every  XX hours  or days  (very depending), So You may have a risk of  going to my OLD page on the OLD server. You may need to flush your DNS cache!

If You see this Message, do not worry You are at the right place on the right server, otherwise here is how to solve this problem for Your pleasure.
open a dos windows and type : ipconfig /flushdns

from wikipedia

The Domain Name System or DNS is a system that stores information about host names and domain names in a kind of distributed database on networks, such as the Internet. Most importantly, it provides an IP address for each host name, and lists the mail exchange servers accepting e-mail for each domain.

The DNS provides a vital service on the Internet, because while computers and network hardware work with IP addresses to perform tasks such as addressing and routing, humans generally find it easier to work with host names and domain names, for example in URLs and e-mail addresses. The DNS therefore mediates between the needs and preferences of wetware and of software.

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