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My homepage not displaying correctly in Internet explorer

A lot of people has write me a mail because my site is not displaying correctly in microsoft internet explorer. I’ve tried the following browsers:

  • Opera 8.5 from both under #Linux and windows -> no problems
  • Mozilla 1.7.10 under #Linux -> no problems
  • Mozilla Firefox 1.0.4 to 1.0.7 under #Linux and windows -> no problems
  • Konqueror under #Linux SuSE 9.3 -> no problems

Only Internet Explorer has difficulties!
What should I do? corrupt my code because 83% of visitors are using this awful browser?

I have start validating my homepage code using HTML tidy, a firefox plugin -> I have only some warnings but I will correct them. The online W3C validator has reported 200 errors…but I suspect it has not detected the right document type.

So be smart! refuse browser which do not follow standards: refuse to use Internet Explorer of M$

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