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Improving navigation and usability

Improving navigation and usability


Which mean hopefully more chance for you to find the content you are looking for!








Obvious way: there is 99% of chance that you are coming from a Google search You should find the right article at nearly Speed of Light 😉

Custom Google search

At the top right of all pages you’ll find a custom Google search button. This search index automatically the following

ForumsWikiMain SiteBugs 

Flash Tags frame navigation

Tags are useful when you are looking for something but nothing in particular. You can jump from word to the next  and locate articles that are linked together.

It’s a fun way to jump from one tag to the other with less effort, At the top, a frame with a menu that will stay open as long you navigate on my site.


-> Try my Flash Tags frame based navigation

Flash Tags module

When you are on my site, at the bottom, you can NOW find a flash Tags viewer which display the most used 200 tags.


Use traditional tag page

-> Try my Tags page

Use Joomla search

The old but always working search by keyword from Joomla!

-> Try my Joomla! Search

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