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Google Developer Day: Building blocks for better web applications

At Google, we want to help developers build better web applications. That’s why we’ve created APIs and tools to quickly enhance those applications, integrate with Google products and reach millions of users.

That’s also why we’re holding Google Developer Day.

Google Developer Day is a chance for programmers around the world to meet Google’s developer product teams and learn something new – be it an introduction to GData or a deep dive into KML. It’s also an opportunity for us to listen to you and hear about what you’re doing today, what you’d like to do in the future and how we can help make that happen.

Whether you’re writing an AJAX application with the Google Web Toolkit, integrating Google services through GData or using Google Maps to create geo applications, we hope you’ll leave Google Developer Day with a new set of building blocks to use in your next project.

Mountain View, California
São Paulo, Brasil
London, United Kingdom
Paris, France
Madrid, España
Hamburg, Deutschland
Москва, Россия
日本 – 東京
Sydney, Australia

Elsewhere Google Summer of Code have been announced! Google accepted over 900 student applicants from a pool of nearly 6,200 applications, more info and list of projects here

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