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Google desktop enterprise edition is out!

Google desktop enterprise edition is out!

What are the features of Google desktop enterprise edition, and why You may prefer use it, as a simple user, to the Google desktop public edition

  • It is free! as all other Google search products
  • It support web history of the most famous alternate web browser: Firefox!
  • It can search on all drive, and be connect to the a Google appliance server (if Your company has put one in its intranet)
  • The data created by google desktop search on your disk are encrypted… (by which cipher this is unknow 🙁 )
  • It is reading a lot more enterprise files, like …. Lotus Notes mail! Yeah after 3 years of use, I can drop the catastrophical built in search of Lotus Notes!!! and 
    Outlook, Outlook Express, Netscape Mail, Mozilla Mail and Thunderbird for naming a few…
  • Native support of  PDF, MP3, image, audio and video files are also supported while You need to install some plugins in the Google desktop public edition.
  • The premium support Costs are described here.

It can be download free of charge at

Last but not least, to unleash the power of Google desktop, some internet page are providing some very good tips an tricks like for example:  Google Desktop Search Tips

Happy Googling! 🙂

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