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Forums update to …… PHBB3

Forums update to …… PHBB3


I decide to migrate to PHBB and went away from SMF!

Don’t understand it wrongly, SMF was great for me in the last 3 years: stable, easy to use and not much targeted by hackers 😉



I leave SMF mainly as:

  • There is no bridge available in #Joomla! (bridge is discontinued and considered unsafe)
  • I would like to unify login across all my sub domains in the near future. The idea is to let you log yourself only once in #Joomla, and have access to forums, bug tracker, wiki and continuous build  and so on,
  • Joomla! forums are also using PHPBB so scaling should not be an issue (they have currently Total posts 1578894 | Total topics 352041 | Total members 268363)  🙂

How to go from SMF to PHPBB

The converter plugin found at  SMF 1.1 to phpBB3 Convertor did work well for me and has not shown any problem till now.

So last but not least:


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