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Downtime this week

Downtime of server later this week – nearly done 🙂

i have written a powerpoint which has now nearly 70 pages…
I need one day or more to reinstall the server.

  • Backup all databases
  • Backup the filesystem
  • Scan the backup for exploits ad spyware, crapware, rootkit
  • Reinstall the server with Suse 10.0 and Plesk 8.2
  • Increase security -> ssh only with PKI and protocol 2, permissions.d, appArmor, se linux
  • Review Plesk packages -> no PHP4, mySQL4 for example
  • Install required modules in Apache: mod_evasive, mod_security, mod_limitip, php5 runing with fastcgi and suexec
  • Maybe  install
  • Domains and Subdomains will be newly created
  • Restore evrything -> all password will be changed
  • Alle administrator panel (Joomla, + plesk) will be with htaccess protected
  • Crontab -> chkrootkit,,  rkhunter,

So it will be a very intensive day…sorry for the downtime

From WikiPedia

Downtime refers to a period of time or a percentage of a timespan that a machine or system (usually a computer server) is offline or not functioning, usually as a result of either system failure (such as a crash) or routine maintenance. The opposite is uptime.

  • Maintenance downtimes have to be carefully scheduled in industries that rely on nearly 24-hour service, such as e-commerce, medical informatics, news reporting, and persistent online games. In many cases, system-wide downtimes can be averted using rolling upgrades.
  • Downtimes caused by system failures can have serious economic impact. To minimize these effects network monitoring can be used.

In Service Level Agreements, it is common to mention a percentage value (per month or per year) that is calculated by dividing the sum of all downtimes timespans by the total time of a reference time span (e.g. a month). 0% downtime means that the server was available all the time.

For Internet servers downtimes above 1% per year or worse can be regarded as unacceptable as this means a downtime of more than 3 days per year. For e-commerce and other industrial use any value above 0.1% is usually considered unacceptable.

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