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  • Enterprise grade performances tuning with critical memory constraints (part 2)

    and thus separate definition (Products) from implementation (Policies). Products and Policies can be fully described with Bricks, Attributes in a tree manner. Reduce the number of object created Looking at the code, we have seen that too many Products...
  • My Lego Pencil Holder

    Life is more fun with #LEGO!!!! Keep your #pencils all in one convenient place: a Pencil Holder made of #LEGO® #bricks! Deck out your desk with #LEGO accessories and creative storage!
  • Make your own light objects using ...bulblamps

    standard light bulbs into various, spectacular light objects. Therefore light bulbs were linked together, like Lego® bricks, by simple snap buttons (press buttons). A custom-built positioning device, “the Inkubator” maintains to fix the snap buttons on...
  • Fully automatic book scanners in LEGO

    Ive played lego but NEVER come to the idea or imagine such power in so small lego bricks Scanning A book involves picking up the book from the scanner Carefully so that you won't change the current pages and and turning pages precisely. These...

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