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  • Interview with Joomla CMS developer team

    Ars Technica got the opportunity to sit down with three of the core developers of Joomla CMS, You will learn a lot of things about Joomla 1.5, the next major milestones of the CMS engine which is also powering my homepage.
  • Useful XHTML Character Entities

    letter beta, U+03B2 ISOgrk3 gamma γ γ greek small letter gamma, delta δ δ greek small letter delta, epsilon ε ε greek small letter epsilon, zeta ζ ζ greek small letter zeta, U+03B6 ISOgrk3 eta η η greek small letter eta, U+03B7...
  • Install a raptor 30 canopy or any other canopy

    Cut the canopy to let some space between the muffler and the body if required. - The 2 fixing canopy screws (page 17, part 949) are iritating and if you don't forget to overtighten them, then you can loose one in flight. The best solutions is...

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