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  • swissmotoshow
  • SUSE Linux 10.1 Codename Agama Lizard RC1

    SUSE #Linux 10.1 Codename "Agama Lizard" RC1 has been released yesterday at . According to the planning , the RC2 will follow next week and the final on 25 April 2006. I am already preparing my 2 computer for the update :-)
  • Useful XHTML Character Entities

    letter alpha, U+0391 Beta Β Β greek capital letter beta, U+0392 Gamma Γ Γ greek capital letter gamma, Delta Δ Δ greek capital letter delta, Epsilon Ε Ε greek capital letter epsilon, U+0395 Zeta Ζ Ζ greek capital letter zeta,...
  • Flip the head, change the delta3 angle

    on the outside, it will be facing to the inside closes't to the main shaft. On the other side flip the washout arm link # 916 to whare it is facing down. Now use locktight and screw the washout unit to the block. The washout link that you just flipped...

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