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  • shell

    Shell may refer to:
  • Visiting Italy: Duomo di Milano

    Visiting Italy: Duomo di Milano Wednesday 3.11.2004 The Duomo di Milano is one of the most famous buildings in Europe. It is the second largest Roman Catholic cathedral: only the cathedral of Seville is larger (as is Saint Peter's Basilica in Rome,...
  • Table UTF-8 Unicode Character Set - for HTML UTF-8 enabled pages.

      4 4 M M f f   ˜ ˜ ± ± Ê Ê ã ã ü ü ĕ ĕ Į Į Ň Ň Š Š Ź Ź     5 5 N N g g € € ™ ™ ² ² Ë Ë ä ä ý ý Ė Ė į į ň ň...

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