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  • Starting development of CAPTCHA for protecting my WIKI based on WikiMediafrom spammers.

    This code will be release on a GPL licence, using codebase from com_securityimages.

    If You know any CVS hosting adapt for WikiMedia code, just contact me.....

    The first release will have the possibility to force users to enter/resolve a captcha before submitting changes or patch to existing pages. But do not expect a state of the art admin panel in the first release....

  • I am encountering strong spammings tentatives in my Wiki as well, that's why I decide to lock write changes to my WIki. This is how You can also do it.

    Open LocalSettings.php and set a new key $wgReadOnlyFile like this 


    The value must be the name of of a file, then put the reason for the lock inside the file using the wikipedia notation

    '''I've block my Wiki because of spammers! It will reopen as soon as I find a solution, if It annoy You can still contact me at'''

    The contents of the file will be displayed to anyone trying to edit the wiki.

    Note that readonlyfile is not guaranteed to be absolutely safe; if you need to guarantee that MediaWiki will never write to the data, you need to do this on the database itself (e.g. revoke UPDATE,INSERT,DELETE from the wiki user, or put MySQL into read-only mode).