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  • 2005.11.04My site is currently creating 60 request / second to the hosting mysql company

    So my site has been deactivated yesterday and today. It has been reactivated today 04.11.2005 at 10:00 GMT+1 in order to let me do some actions

    I am currently working on it...
    * I have supress the redirect (index.html) to /Mambo/index.php
    * I have moved Joomla from /Mambo to the root of {}
    * I have empty all content cache of Joomla
    * I have modified the .htaccess accordingly (rewrite from /Mambo to /)
    * I have suppres all 15500 known rewriting URL from {SEF404} database!
    Together with the Company {} (monitoring).
    Next status from Cineteck at 18:00 GMT+1, if it is still catastrophic, I will slowly deactivated Joomla Components/Modules/Mambots in the hope to localize the problem.
    If everything goes well, You will be able to read me tonight and tomorrow, if not the site will be switch off as it overcharge the hosting company.