Electronic spamming is the use of electronic messaging systems to send unsolicited messages (spam), especially advertising, as well as sending messages repeatedly on the same site. read more at WikiPedia


    How Akismet work?
    When a new comment, trackback, or pingback comes to your blog it is submitted to the Akismet web service which runs hundreds of tests on the comment and returns a thumbs up or thumbs down.
    Read Akismet site for more details

    What does this plugin do?
    This Joomla! component is UNUSABLE alone: other components HAVE TO USE IT. Consider this component as a Framework. It help other developers integrate Akismet in their code. This component is simply a bridge, hiding Akismet details and providing an unified way to use Akismet in Joomla 3rd party component code.

    NEW: Slider administrator panel.
    NEW: Native Joomla! 1.5 plugin, no need to install in legacy mode.

    NEW: Checking now the validity of your Akismet key, see screenshot below

    Akismet4Joomla now checking Akismet keys
    NEW: check for proper operations, test individually comments, see screenshot below

    NEW:Fully translated, including manuals, help and troubleshootings

    : New API more like in Joomla! 1.5, but the old one is still working

    require_once (_JOOMLA_AKISMET_ADMIN_BASE . '/akismetJoomlaAPI.php');
    $JoomlaAkismetAPI = JoomlaAkismetAPI::getJoomlaAkismetAPI();

    NEW: Using Akismet PHP 5 engine version 0.4 (author Alex Potsides

    • Performance - changed HTTP version from 1.1 to 1.0 (with thanks to Jan De Poorter).
    • Performance - No longer issues a separate HTTP request to check validity of the API key with every instantiation.
    • Added a new public method 'isKeyValid' to manually check validity of the API key passed to the constructor.
    • The method 'isCommentSpam' (rather than the constructor) will now throw an exception if the API key is invalid.
    • Tidied up internal structure a bit.

    Go to my download section to grab it
  • As I am in the middle of the development (a little bit more than 60% done) of my PHP Bayesian Naive Filter (a learning filter against spams comment, guestbook, and posting in general) for Joomla/Mambo and after reading some paper found on internet:

    • On Attacking Statistical Spam Filters, Gregory L. Wittel and S. Felix Wu - Department of Computer Science - University of California, Davis One Shields Avenue, Davis, CA 95616 USA
    • A Naive Bayes Spam Filter, Kai Wei This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. CS281A Project, Fall 2003
    • But there is more...

    I decide that my project will be certainly a failure if I rewrite or reuse a Bayesian filter engine which is not accurate or using the latest countermeasures. Since I do not want to develop during 3 years an effective filter (will I ever be able to do it???), I came across the idea of implementing the component com_bayesiannaivefilter in such a way that I can abstract the core engine and use the work done by the best open source project.

    It is also clear for me since the beginning that a spam filter must be trained on a very large data volume (more than 1000 messages, the more the better) in order to categorize the message with accuracy. Webservices will have my preference as an internet entities with the require cpu horsepower and data store should be able to offer the best categorizing messages efficiency....

    My component will be able to use following Bayesian Naive Filter core: (planned but not done, I it is technically possible I will do it)

    Plugins Remarqs Possible open source project
    JAVA I am a J2EE developer, Back to the roots :-) Som. to propose? contact me!
    PHP Core done, but very simple tokenization and hashing of message
    Volume of data small
    Som. to propose? contact me!
    PERL Can PHP call perl code? Som. to propose? contact me!
    CGI-BIN Should be easy to do Som. to propose? contact me!
    WEBSERVICES Should be easy as soon as we found a WS provider
    Data volume?
    Som. to propose? contact me!

    Each technology may contains many core engine, or different versions. I will fill this table with possible candidate (You can heelp me by suggesting or speeding development).

    Core requirement:

    • Use mySQL,
    • Most of internet provider allow the use of CGI-BIN, PERL, JAVA

    This project will be soon committed to Joomla forge!

  • Definition: On défnit le spam comme étant l'envoi non solicité de mails à des centaines, des milliers ou des millions d'utilisateurs au hasard. Ces messages propose des biens matériels, des services financiers, des fichiers importants et même de la pornographie. Les technologies internet étant en perpétuelle évolution, le spam évolue en même temps. On a même vu des spammeurs attaquer des forums de discussions en y postant des messages sans rapport avec les sujets.

    Cette page va être constamment mise à jour, je ne donne pas de documentions sur le fonctionnement des logiciels présentés, simplement des pistes de départ pour lutter contre le spam, en général le fabricant ou la société possède déja un tutorial sur son programme.

    Filtrage du contenu HTML en temps réel

    Webwasher est gratuit pour un usage personnelle il permet de filtrer les webbugs, interdit les referers, FILTRE les bannières de publicité par taille (beaucoup ont une taille standard) et au choix interdit ou filtre les GIF animés (n'affiche que la première image). L'effet bonus est que le surf est plus rapide sans publicité.

    Firewall: filtrer l'accés aux ports du pc

    Toujours installer un firewall, il s'agit d'un logiciel qui filtre les ports de communications de votres pc et permet de définir des règles d'autorisation, vour verrez alors:

    • Quelquefois votre pc envoyer des donnees vers des sites étranges alors que vous ne browser pas de page, il s'agit de scripts qui renvoie des cookies (petit fichiers texte qui contiennent des informations sur vos habitudes, ou qui sont nécessaires au bon fonctionnement des sites de ventes) de tracing.
    • Des programmes de votre disque qui envoient des données alors que vous leur interdisez! Media Player 9, winamp3, XML Spy,.... etc c'est honteux
    • Des personnes qui envoient des requtes sur la pile tcip ou sur le system (port 445 par exemple) il s'agit de worms, chevaux de troie, virus divers. En fait les virus se propagent de machine infectées à machine infectées sans la moindre actions de l'utilisateur. La plupart de ces vers, s'installent et ouvrent des accés a votre machine à distance. Les plus évolués exploitent des failles ou coupe tout simplemeent le firewall!

    Firewall gratuit:Kerio personal

    Autres browser

    Preferer le browser Opera qui est moins répandue que Internet explorer IE)car:

    • Il permet d'interdire les referer, technology qui permet de vous suivre (de quelle site A venez vous, si vous arrivez sur un site B), (menu file - preferences - privacy)
    • Moins répandue donc il y a moins de scripts/virus qui risque de marcher, la plupart étant optimisé/ne fonctionnant que sous Internet explorer (IE),
    • Il permet de mieux filtrer les cookies.
    • Il permet d'uinterdire gif animés, pubs, et scripts sournoix.

    Eradiquer les scripts présent sur votre PC

    Installer et lancer à intervalle régulier adWare de lavasoft, ou son concurent Spybot (totallement gratuit). il s'agit de tools qui scanne la mémoire, la base de registre et le disque dur a la recherche de:

    • Datamining,
    • Adware
      Adware may just be the newest and perhaps most misunderstood form of targeted advertising and there are legitimate companies that ensure personal information is not tracked.. 'just your browsing habits'. However the very nature of Spyware & Adware enables the compilation of really any data tracking companies see a need or have the desire to collect on you. There is no way of controlling what leaves your computer. Many companies have good "advertising only" intentions but doesnt any company have potential bad apples that could gather just a little bit more info than they are supposed to. For example when you order something online or login to a personal account, your username and passwords are sometimes displayed in the URL field at the top of your screen. If these query strings were captured there is no telling just how much damage could be done to your identity & your finances!
      Adware like Spyware, comes with great risk to your privacy. Tracking software is installed on your PC which continuously gathers data about yourself and others who use your computer. A livelink from your PC to the Spyware Co. is virtually peeking in on your every move whether you like it or not.
    • Publicité,
    • Parasites,
    • Scumware,
      Spyware consists of deeply embedded components of freeware, shareware and file sharing software. Free and near free sites are enabled to secure a revenue source by requiring users to agree to the monitoring of their keystrokes and online activity by the spyware developing company. Such Advertising supported software gives the shareware providers a revenue stream at the expense of your personal privacy. Your browsing habits, frequented sites, favorite downloads and the like are carefully recorded and provided to companies that in turn bombard you with targeted popups and banner ads that will 'conveniently' be in your area of interest.
    • Spybots
      Spybot worms are virtual pests more commonly known as spyware that sneak into your computer via exposed ports and disguised downloads and compromise your personal Security. These spybots spread via IRC and other programs and typically attempt to modify the config files of mIRC client software. As new users join the same specific channel shared by an infected PC, the malicious worm will prompt for download. This prompt can be disguised very well as a legitimate requirement like a client
      software upgrade, but Beware Scan all downloads first.
    • Keyloggers, petits programmes qui enregistrent vos passwords lorque vous les saississer!
    • Virus chevaux de Troie (Trojans), certains essaient même d'ouvrir votre firewall.
      A Trojan horse is a computer program which contains malicious programming code.This code is contained inside apparently harmless software or data and can unexpectedly seize control and often impose irrepairable damage. IE. such as damaging FAT files on your hard disk. A Trojan horse can be programmed to self replicate and may widely redistribute its harmful payload as part of a computer virus.
    • Dialers, leurs but: vous connecter par modem sur un service payant à plusieurs euro la minutes, pas dangeureux si vous n'avez pas de modem téléphonique (56K).
    • Malware,
      Malware is a shortened version of 'malicious software code'. Malicious software can include anything from trojans, hijackers, spyware and adware to computer worms and viruses. Any piece of content and code that acts in a way contrary to expectations could be deemed as malware. Therefore by this definition irritating popups and unsolicited email (spam) can be forms of malware.
    • Browser hijackers, and tracking components

    il nettoie votre pc de toutes ces cochonneries, pensez a updater regulierement sa base de connaissance, il est gratuit mais il faut l'acheter si vous voulez le laissez tourner en tache de fond (protection maximale). La derniere version registrer contient une partie résidente qui interdit les banners, bloque les referer et interdit les changements dans la base de registre de windows.

    Règles d'or: ne jamais...

    • NE JAMAIS ouvrir un email, suspect mais le détruire! souvent le mail contient des balises ou confirme à son expéditeur que la personne a lu son message et donc que l'email est valide. Prévenir vos connaissances qu'il ne doivent pas utiliser des titres de mail peu équivoque sous risque de se faire détruire par vous. Genre salut, hi hello. De meme, ne vous faites pas avoir par des titres de messages qui ne vous disent rien (du genre Re: xxxxxxx si vous avez rien envoyes a cette personne)
    • NE JAMAIS mettre sur votre site votre email, si vous voulez vous faire contacter, preferer créer une image jpg qui contient vos coordonnees: la reconnaissance de caractère est consommatrice de calcul et hors de portée d'un robot qui scannerai le web a la recherche d'email (quoique).
    • NE JAMAIS répondre et demander à se faire enlever d'une liste de diffusion, cela ne marche pas et vous allez apparaitre sur une autre liste car votre email à été validé.
    • NE JAMAIS transmettre un numéro secret, au pire cachez le dans une image en alternant les fontes, couleurs et taille de caractères. Vous pouvez aussi incliner ou barrer les caractères pour rendre l'OCR inopérant.
    • TOUJOURS mentir! si jamais on vous demande un email valide afin de compléter une registration ou finir un download, penser a donner ou a creer une boite au lettre "poubelle" qui ne servira qu'a cet usage.
    • Si vous avez des doutes sur certains mails, bloqué dans votre firewall tout le trafic le temps de lire vos mails (au moins aucune info ne pourra sortir de maniere automatique sur le reseau)

    Luttes communautaires p2p

    Si vous avez la chance d'avoir un provider qui utilise la technologie POP3 (par exemple si vous utilisez Outlook) alors vous pourrez utliser un plugin outlook, il existe un réseau peer to peer de lutte contre le spam (à installer comme un plugin), il s'agit d'un réseau communautaire de lutte ou chacun marque les emails suspect et aide les autres à ne plus les recevoir.

    •"SpamWatch is a collaborative spam filtering system built on top of Tapestry, a peer-to-peer location/routing infrastructure. SpamWatch has the following features:
      Collaborative - Every user in a SpamWatch community contributes to the community by tagging certain emails as spam, and benefits from the contribution of all others.
      Peer-to-peer - Peer nodes (often local mail servers) join the large peer-to-peer network and provide service to local users. Tapestry ensures quick and accurate location of records and supports dynamic joining/leaving of peers.
      Content similarity based - The identification of spam emails are based on the content of emails, not on subject, sender or IP address. Moreover, moderate altercation of the content is tolerated. Common techniques used by spammers such as changing the salutation or spacing between words will not prevent the spams from being caught."
    • Spam Filter 2.0 is an easy-to-use Microsoft Outlook® add-on designed to provide an advanced protection against spammers and unsolicited emails. The program uses Bayesian filtering technology that identifies about 97% of incoming spam messages. Outlook Spam Filter seamlessly integrates into the Microsoft Outlook® workspace, scanning and quarantining away junk emails. Caught spam is placed in a special 'Spam' folder under your inbox if you ever want to review it later.
    • Taper p2p spam outlook dans google pour trouver d'autre technologies intéressantes


    • Méfier vous de messenger et de hotmail, Microsoft est connu pour pousser le marketting au maximum, raison de plus pour installer un firewall et filtrer.
    • Si vous remplissez un formulaire web pour pouvoir télécharger un logiciels ou recevoir un login, creer un compte bidon qui fera office de poubelle. Ces sociétés veulent un fichier clients et le monnayent souvent à d'autres société.


    Si vous avez de la bande passante (adsl ou cable 512kbits) et si vous étes parano, interdisez le cache! ou videz le après chaque session de surf (y comprit le contenu offline). TweakUI permet de faire cela. En effet nombre de cookie sont sauvés dans le cache, il signale dans quelle site vous etes passés, sur quelle site de vente vous êtes allés etc....Vous serez obligés de vous relogguer à chaque fois sur ebay par ex. ou vos forums, mais c'est le prix de la tranquilité.

    Spam humanistes ou bienfaiteur

    Rien n'est pire que cela, ce sont vos propres amis qui vous innonde de mails à la con, il s'agit de hoax, par ex: "mon enfant est malades, si chacun me renvoie 1$ alors...." ou "une télécommande pour éteindre les radards routiers" ou "nokia vous offre un portable si vous envoyer 50 fois ce messages" et autres débilités. La avant de faire n'importe quoi, allez sur un des sites qui référence les hoax et regarder avant de polluer la boite d'email de vos camarades. Attention les hoax subissent des mutations! les idiots qui les crées font varier quelques paragraphes dès qu'il savent qu'ils sont repérés.

    portail Hoax:

    Browser internet anonymement

    2 alternatives:

    • Chainer les proxy publics dans internet explorer: pour peu que vous utilisiez des proxy dans des pays différents, il y a très peu de chance qu'une société, ou un gouvernement arrive a récupérer les logs de tous les serveurs avant que ceux ci ne se fassent purger par leurs prestataires. Les proxy publics se trouvent avec en tapant "proxy public". Pour les chainer, il suffit de les séparer par des ";" dans le panneau de configurations de IE.
    • Acheter ce service à des sociétés tierces ( par exemple) même principe que le proxy.
    • Utiliser JAP, (projet open source) JAP rend possible le surf sur internet de manière anonyme et empêche la tracabilité.
    • Utiliser FreeNET

    P2P kazaa, emule, edonkey

    En P2P vous n'etes jamais anonyme, Car pour fonctionner, ces logiciels ouvrent des connections point à point entre les clients (pas besoin de serveurs hormis pour indexer les clients et gérer la gestion des crédits, les recherches de fichiers). En fait installer un firewall et tenez vous au courant de ce qui circule sur ces réseaux (Méfier vous des vers (worms) sur le port 445 de emule, n'autoriser que les quelques ports nécessaire à son fonctionnement). Ne vous en faites pas la communauté open source cherche deja un moyen de se passer de ces adresses IP (par exemple en utilisant le broadcasting ou le cryptage par couches/mixages des paquets comme dans JAP) et donc de disparaitre du radar des majors ou des personnes malveillantes. Ne partager jamais votre liste de fichiers, inutile de dire à un etranger que vous avez 20000 mp3 ou autres a partager.


    • Désactiver ActiveX en priorité dans les pages, c'est la pire des technologies internet et elle permet d'avoir un controle quasi-totale sur votre systeme.
    • Internet explorer IE est une calamités technologique ambulantes, essayer tant que possible de vous en passser, essayer Firefox ou mozilla
    • Vérifier toujours 2 fois avant d'accepter ou de truster une compagnie avant d'installer un de leur plugin.


    Beaucoup de process de registration, ou de download demande maintenant une adresse email pour fonctionner (bonne idee pour se constituer un fichiuer rapidement), l'idée est de creer une boite a letter poubelle ou mieux temporaire qui ne servira qu'a cela.
    ex: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ou This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. vous permet de creer un email bidon de duree de vie limité (de 1h a 24h) et qui redirige les mails vers votre adresse reelle.

    Liens internet


    Trop tard

    Vous etes reperés, votre boite au lettres contient plus de mails de spam que de mails intéressant, seule solution: La fuite! détruisez et ne vous connectez plus sur ce compte. Astuces pour signalez a tous vos contacts que vous n'etes plus la, remplissez votre boite a lettre a la limite admissible, ou si cela est possible: utiliser la fonction auto reply qui contiendra votre nouvelle adresse sous forme d'images si possible scrambler comme cet exemple:

  •  Hello spammers, just to tell You that I NEVER publish a guestbook entry or comment without trying to search first in google if You are not a possible spammer!

    Example: someone has posted in my guestbook the following "thanks you for such a nice website" with his homepage and email. I copy the url of that person in google and finds 100 results, the same comments, the same rating 5/5 given to 100 sites...Hello I am not naive -> entry deleted

    I wish everyone is doing the same, be really cautious!  A lot of people only want to increase their ranking in Google!

    {mosgoogle center}
  • Hashcash component has protected successfuly my homepage against several attack these past days...(Casino, poker and so on...) Hello Spammer I seing Your server IP in Hashcash logs files... :-)

    • (Amsterdam, Netherlands) and
    • ( Marina Del Rey, California, United States ) and
    • (Marina Del Rey, California, United States)and
    • (Marina Del Rey, California, United States)

    Next release of hashcash:

    • A correct and well formed XML in logs files ;-)
    • A random security images -> changes in akocomment, easy to do since there is a very good tutorial at
    • A way to blacklist comments by IP...
    • Maybe some geolocalization of IP...
    • Some graphical statistics...

  • I look today at my statistics,  trying to discover some strange URLs (maybe an attack, I recommend You to do it) or tracking Referrer of my visitors in order to see who is back linking me, or where someone is talking about me.

    I found 201 referrer coming from a famous hardcore movie site, 201? this is not a hazard. Going there for the sake of truth (;-)) I found that they are offering free porn images, video and I immediately thought about

    The famous "Free porn CAPTCHA Attack"

     My site is powered by Joomla, and I have developed a CAPTCHA framework. A Capctha is a generated image containing some scrambled text, the idea is to require a human being to read it and so it  prevent spammers from automatically generating million of comments, emails accounts,...

    One way to crack CAPTCHA  is to offer a free porn site which requires that the user  key in the solution to a captcha -- which has been inlined from my site for example -- before he can gain access. Free porn images or video attract a lot of users around the clock and in many countries.

    Solutions to block spammers: for a time
    1. Check HTTP Referrer when the user post his key, and avoid sites address containing sex, hardcore,...  based on a dictionary -> the only drawback is that it is trivial to fake the HTTP Referrer,
    2. Inserting a supplementary text into the generated CAPTCHA image: "Do not enter text if the site is not", this is done in one of my securityimages Plugin: Freecap but NOT in core 1.1 or HnCaptcha 1.0.
      I will have to extends plugins which are not protected soon
    It can also be a tentative of HTTP Referrer Spam

    Firstly, the spammer creates a simple script that searches sites just like search engine bots do, but the only difference is that these scripts send a referrer header with their own site's address.
    Why to do this you may ask? My sites has its statistics page indexed by a number of search engines. This means that if the spammer can get his site listed in the stats page, then it will give this referrer’s site higher ranking in search engines too. This also allows that more search engines will crawl the link back to their site.

    Solutions: Avoid publishing Your statistics page.
    1. I disable the links stats in the top menu of joomla, so I am sorry but nobody will be able to see it in real time. 
    2. I add to the file robot.txt (root folder of your site) disallow stats in order to prevent further re-indexing of previous search engine.
    3. I  add a file .htaccess to disallow new processing of that file so you I will need to enter a password to see that page.
  • checklist

    An exploited or hacked server is one that is no longer fully under your control and someone else is now partially using your server for their own purposes.

    You’ll find in this mind map

    What bad guys can do and remedies

    Why a mind map?

    A mind map is a diagram used to visually outline information. mind map help you take notes, brainstorm complex problems, and think creatively.

    • Information are summarized efficiently to be usable and accessible,
    • Inter-relationships are clear between the different concepts,
    • It is the most flexible for organizing associative, divergent and convergent thinking (Convergent thinking involves aiming for a single, correct solution to a problem, whereas divergent thinking involves creative generation of multiple answers to a set problem),

    You can find the latest version at

  • Installation of Hashcash, Security images, and modified version of AkoComment, AkoBook, Contact for Mambo

    Documentation version 1.0
    Bundle version 1.0 available in my download section

    Report any bugs using the contact section of
    Good luck! and click read more!

    Installation Why File How Risks Manuals
    Mambot akocomment This mambots create a comment box
    in each article published. It is intended to be use with com_akocomment

    it now support Hashcash and security images This file can be install like any mambot
    using the Mambo admin panel
    No data can be lost, the original code has been only altered not fundamentaly changed. none com_akocomment  
    com_log4php This is a logging framework for Mambo using the same technology as Log4Java

    Install it only if You want to install com_hashcash This file can be installl like any component using the admin panel No data can be lost , it is only php object code You can define a logger for the all mambo component by adding bold lines in /index.php

    / checks for configuration file, if none found loads installation page
    if ( !file_exists( 'configuration.php' ) || filesize( 'configuration.php' ) < 10 ) {
    header( 'Location: installation/index.php' );
    include_once( 'globals.php' );
    require_once( 'configuration.php' );

    define('LOG4PHP_CONFIGURATION', $mosConfig_absolute_path.'/components/com_log4php/');
    define('LOG4PHP_DIR', $mosConfig_absolute_path.'/components/com_log4php/api');
    require_once(LOG4PHP_DIR . '/LoggerManager.php');

    // displays offline page
    if ( $mosConfig_offline == 1 ){
    include( 'offline.php' );

    But You may also want to configure log4PHP by opening
    com_hashcash Hashcash is a protecting form framework for Mambo
    which use cryptographic hidden field and require some
    cpu power from the spammer.

    It is not mandatory to install com_hashcash if You prefer to use com_securityimages. But you can use both! This file can be installl like any component using the admin panel No data can be lost , it is only php object code You will have to open the file index.php
    of your template site to add a line (see example below, line is in bold).

    defined( '_VALID_MOS' ) or die( 'Direct Access to this location is not allowed.' );
    // needed to seperate the ISO number from the language file constant _ISO
    $iso = split( '=', _ISO );
    // xml prolog
    echo '<?xml version="1.0" encoding="'. $iso[1] .'"?' .'>';
    <!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.0 Transitional//EN" "">
    <html xmlns="">

    include($mosConfig_absolute_path."/components/com_hashcash/includes/" );

    <title><?php echo $mosConfig_sitename; ?></title>
    com_securityimages Security images are hard to read images generated by a program. User has to reproduce what he see in order to be allowed to post something

    It is not mandatory to install com_securityimages if You prefer to use com_hashcash. But you can use both! This file can be installl like any component using the admin panel No data can be lost , it is only php object code, and creatin a new table mos_securityimages none

    the component is globally deactivated after install. Go in its admin panel, to "general tab" and switchSwitch component OFF globally :to No
    GD library
    (PHP extension)
    com_contacts This is a core component of Mambo, for handling contact

    it is mandatory to install com_securityimagesfirst! there is right now no admin panel for com_contact where You can deactivate com_securityimages Sorry You only have to overwrite all files on Your homepage using FTP

    source file from zip
    destination: /components/com_contact

    No risk. If You do not have com_securityimages installed You may have compile error when going in page contact manual FTP copy com_securityimages  
    com_akocomment This allow user to post comments on Your homepage. This great components has been created by Arthur

    It is not mandatory to install hashcash if You prefer
    to use com_securityimages. But you can use both! 1. If You are installing akocomment for the first time, You can install this component like any other Mambo component.
    2. You are already using akocomment on Your homepage. (see risk 2.) You can either, depending on Your skills:

    - copy files manually using ftp OR
    - install using method 1. then restore the right table

    1. No risks if you install akocomment for the first time

    2. If You install it using the method 1, The install drop existing database, so You will lost existing comments or will have to restore them from a backup. It is better to ovwerwrite file manually with ftp

    Component in zip file has hashcash and securityimages switched off as default. go to their admin panel to activate the spamming technology You prefer...
    can use
    com_akoguestbook This allow user to have a guestbook on Your homepage. This great components has been created by Arthur 

    It is not mandatory to install hashcash if You prefer
    to use com_securityimages. But you can use both! 1. If You are installing akobook for the first time, You can install this component like any other Mambo component.
    2. You are already using akobook on Your homepage. (see risk 2.) You can either, depending on Your skills:

    - copy files manually using ftp OR
    - install using method 1. then restore the right table

    1. No risks if you install akobook for the first time

    2. If You install it using the method 1, The install drop existing database, so You will lost existing guestbook or will have to restore them from a backup. It is better to ovwerwrite file manually with ftp

    Component in zip file has hashcash and securityimages switched off as default. go to their admin panel to activate the spamming technology You prefer...
    can use