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  • I've aquire this card for running my HPTC (notebook dell 9400, NAS) either under windows xp, or Linux

    The Sound Blaster Audigy 2 ZS Notebook also provides encompassing 7.1 surround sound for Dolby® Digital EX as well as DTS-ES™ supported DVD movies; any DirectSound3D games and CMSS 3D virtualized 7.1 stereo music. Gamers will love the hardware accelerated EAX® 4.0 ADVANCED HD™ that not only brings games to life, but delivers maximum performance! Musicians will also enjoy true 24-bit recording and low latency ASIO support for the ultimate audio recording platform.

    if youre are using windows, i strongly recommend You to install all tools from the cd, instead of jumping directly to the website of creative to download the latest drivers: a lot of tools are not available in support section!!! speaker settings, THX console...for naming a few

    If You're using Linux, You will be happy to hear that Creative is supporting and hosting a page on their server for open source system:

    Creative has also create a project on sourceforge: emu10k1

    I am pretty sastified with the quality of this card, especially if you use the optical output (not so much cables floating around). I will have to test it further (under windows)


  • I've ordered yesterday loudspeaker for my Home cinema setup...

    A full set of Canton Ergo loudspeakers

    • 1 x center Canton Ergo 605 CM, 110 / 160 Watts
    • 2 x front standing Canton Ergo 609 DC, 170 / 320
    • 2 x rear standing Canton Ergo 607 DC, 110 / 170 Watts
    For as much as 3200 CHF, still missing is the subwoofer (I already have one peaking at 180 Watt), but may aquire 2 x Canton Ergo AS 650 SC, 200 / 350 Watts if it is needed.

    I wish that my neighbours will also appreciate....

    An Onkyo 804 (THX select 2) and a Dalite tensioned screen (HDTV 295 x 165cm) is also on the way. More info and pics as soon as everything is installed...