Simulation is the imitation of the operation of a real-world process or system over time. The act of simulating something first requires that a model be developed; this model represents the key characteristics or behaviors/functions of the selected physical or abstract system or process. read more at WikiPedia

  • spektrumDX5e

    Spektrum introduces another enormous change for the RC industry—The most affordable full-range 2.4GHz radio ever available. The DX5e brings together the unbeatable control of genuine DSM2 technology with the simplest, easiest-to-use design available, letting anyone, from park fliers to students to instructors and more, take advantage of Spektrum technology for less

    Mode 2 is most often used in the United States, while Mode 1 is most often used in Europe, there are two other modes that are used overseas and here is a listing of the 4 modes and their actions.


      Left stick Right stick
    up/down left/right up/down left/right
    Mode 1 elevator rudder throttle aileron
    Mode 2 throttle rudder elevator aileron
    Mode 3 elevator aileron throttle rudder
    Mode 4 throttle aileron elevator rudder
  • TERRIFIC! I was training 1 hours using the simulator REFLEX on a 4meter display (projector panasonic PT900).

    Picture will follow soon

    What is even better is that it "seems" that after a break of 1.5 Years my flying style has not degrade but slightly improve (quiet in every position, fast backward flight, some figures). I installed the update 5.1 then 5.01.01 and 5.01.02 which are all adding a lot of new features, scenes, settings
    Then I have something I usually NEVER do: I switch the interface to french, in order to see if all menu are translate. If You look into the "A propos de REFLEX" (About Reflex), You will see That I did the translation for Wolfgang.

    Some translations are not accurate anymore, I've sent him an email, Wolfgang will certainly propose the new dll in another update...

    • How to build your own realistic controler (for Realflight®,or any other simulator that use a regular joystick). All you need is to kill an old radio, extract PCB, and solder some cable.

    All credits to : where the following picture was extracted.



    • Connect CSM 10 to a futaba FF9 :You must own the dongle, we only want to bypass the use of the jack connector and use a DIN..or connect to the proprietary connector..
      There is no standard off the shelf plug for this socket but you can use two 2mm pitch 3 pin headers or cut a training cord. Looking into the socket you need to link the bottom row middle and right pins. The top left pin connects to the tip of the 3.5mm jack and the top middle connects to the body of the 3.5mm jack. Plug is drawn when looking at the back of the plug where the wires are

    • Connect CSM 10 to a futaba FF8 or to any game or serial adapter
      FF8- 6 pin DIN plug (60 degree pins) pins 4 and 5 linked in plug, pin 2 to 3.5mm mono jack tip and metal outer of DIN plug to body of 3.5mm jack.

  • kyosho_caliber_30

    Le manuel en francais de Reflex XTR, le simulateur RC photo réaliste est disponible ici, la page principale de tous les manuels étant ici
    Pourquoi 90%Question eh bien car il manque encore les traductions des copies d'écrans en francais mais ce n'est rien en regards du travail deja accompli .
    les contributeurs qui ont participe a ce projet sont dans l'ordre d'importance (quantite de traduction):

    - Halbert (plus de 70%)Shocked 
    - WikiSysop (sysop,bureaucrat)
    - Maccoy38

    Je tient surtout à féliciter Halbert pour l'étonnante qualité et la quantité de ses traductions...BRAVO

    • J'ai contacter Wolfgang (concepteur du logiciel) par mail pour lui signaler l'état d'avancement de notre projet, car ce serait a lui de hoster le manuel sur son site.
    • Je cherche aussi maintenant un moyen d'extraire automatiquement les donnees du wiki  pour faire un manuel standalone (distribuable sur cd rom ou utilisable sans internet, pdf ou html) 
    • J'ai commencé Ã poster le manuel de RMK (le constructeur de modèle), cette fois ci c'est plus dur, car il faut passer de l'allemand vers le francais.

    je vous encourage a faire connaitre le fait qu'un manuel est dispo a l'adresse ci dessus sur vos forums RC préférés....

  • What a RC simulator :-) if only I would be able to do only 20% of that in real life....



  • picture below taken from the simulator Reflex XTR

    John V. and Vincent C. release their famous Raptor 90 for XTR: 400 hours of work, 3Gb of data, is a lot of effort but thier model is truly beautiful, especially if You have this baby Raptor at home.

    Go to their homepage to see more picture and download free of charge their model. If You like their work, feel free to use the donate button

  • RCFS, a free open source simulatorunder BSD licence now at

    • High quality graphics
    • Runs on older machines with reduced graphics quality
    • Interfaces with either your regular TX or a gamecontroller
    • Cross-platform. Works on Mac OS X and Windows as well as other *NIX platforms
  • If You are seaching new models for Your RC simulator Reflex XTR (next to reality) and for FREE, You may want to visit The list of free download is increasing and You may find there what You are searching for. (and also for Aerofly Pro, Realflight G2/G3). Currently, there is:

    • 140 helicopters: electrical, glow powered, replica...
    • 49 scenary: outdoor, indoor...
    • 209 airplanes for all of You which also fly airplanes ;-)
    • 69 recordings/videos to improve your flying skills...
    • ...

    All of them can be download for free... Enjoy

  • A lot of people do not know that I've made the translation of REFLEX XTR to french and RMK from german to english/french (Now You know why translation are horrible, a froggy should not be allowed to speak english ;-) ). A lot of people are complaining because not all manuals are translated yet. 120 pages is a little bit too much for me. That's why I have set a:
    REFLEX XTR manual translation community !!!!!
    This site is not endorsed in any way by the builder of REFLEX XTR ( and Wolfgang, author of REFLEX XTR)
    A WIKI has been created in order to translate REFLEX XTR from english to french AND REFLEX RMK from german to french and english.
    You can freely submit, every help is appreciated.... all work will remain into the FDL licence.
    Contact me, for insults or whatever.

    French text follow:
    Bonjour a toute les gens de bonnes volontés!!!
    Comme la documentation de REFLEX XTR n'existe pas en francais ni en anglais, et comme je n'ai pas le temps de traduire seul le manuel de 120 pages, je vous propose de le traduire en communaute!!!
    Un wiki?
    j ai installe mediawiki sur mon site, c'est le systeme qu'utilise wikipedia qui a lui plus d'un million d articles...
    A vous de lire les restrictions de wikipedia ICI sur le site français, je suit les mêmes, on fait cela pour la beauté de l'art, les textes traduits ou contributions personnelles seront en licence FDL!!
    Le lien vers le wiki de REFLEX XTR est ICI
    Si tous le monde s'y met en quelque semaines/mois, on peut avoir la doc de REFLEX XTR en francais et anglais....  Si vous n êtes pas fort en allemand/anglais, il y a un paquet de copie d'écran à reproduire du manuel.... faites de la pub autour de vous c'est aussi nous aider!!! Mais garder un esprit sain, c'est pour la communaute d 'utilisateur de REFLEX pas pour moi que je l'ai fait. Bon courage