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  • Pour information, on ne peut pas ne pas faire d'accidents, en moyenne et selon les assureurs 1 tous les 7 ans. Si vous n'en faites pas, c'est que vous avez de la chance, (il faudrait aussi avoir accés à la la courbe de distribution de cette probabilité), ou que vous ne roulez pas beaucoup!
    First accident : 8 sept 2002 In basel city (Switzerland) after an emergency brake the moto slide on it's side with me in the middle of a big intersection. (Nobody was behind me !!!) You can see the damage below, personnaly my right arm hurt me during 3 days. damages are limited and crash occured at max 30 km/h (I was in a full acceleration stage) and I slide during 6 meters.

    Le réservoir ou la peinture n'a rien, juste le haillon arrière a une éraflure de 7 mm

    Special prevention routiere, rappel il y a 2 fois plus de mort du au tabac que sur la route...

    - Si j'avais roulé encore plus vite ce jour-la, sur que j'aurai depassé le lieu de mon futur accident bien avant ! (cw 24.08.2002)
    - En moto, il faut se fixer des règles : entre 2 et 3 fois la vitesse autorisée, jamais plus, car apres c'est dangeureux! (cela dépends ou bien sur)

    • Verify that the tail drive pulley (red part 934 & 965) is not loose (1degree or 2degrees rotation is enough to create noise!) on the tail pulley holder (blue part 935). Disassemble the red part and look if there is not too much black dust on the blue part (due to rubbing). If the loosiness is not too big, you can clean and CA glue the part together or replace the part 934.

    glue part 934 on 935 with epoxy or CA glue.

    • Can be a bad pinion? (not the case on my caliber n°1)

    better expalnation:

    "Tail clicking noise occurs when the pulley has worn on the shaft. check out the other forum for pictures. you will need a new pulley and then have to glue the pulley to the shaft for a once and for all solution. easy way to confirm this is to hold the head, then try and move the tail rotor. if the tail rotor spins, even slightly, the shaft has begun wearing. You should only feel the resistance of the belt, and no backlash. As for twitching, this often occurs when the tail rod guides are not alligned PERFECTLY, which causes some friction on the rod. The gyro is fighting the friction by commanding more rudder input until the servo overcomes the friction and suddenly drives the tail too far, then the gyro counters this action. the result is the twitching. Both very common problems on the caliber, and should be the first thing to inspect." by vortexgen

  • I am going from a Dainese Back Space 3 (140€ on left side)&160; to a Dainese V Neck 2 (340€ on right side)

    &160;Dainese Back Space 3jacket-wave-v2_neck_all

    This product makes it “seem” safer to ride a motorcycle...perhaps one of the best products I have ever bought! I hope as always that I will NEVER have to test it in an accident.


    • Numerous arm/elbow protections provide maximum coverage.
    • Neck protection sits just in place.
    • Chest protection is stiff and covers entire chest
    • Back protection reaches even below the lower back - covers entire spine! and it has zippers in the back and can be fully detached.


    • Very good overall protection just in case, I would better NEVER fall down or hit something with or without this armor, but with, it can’t be worse and may help!
    • Doesn't limit movement at least while riding, wont walk a lot with it through the city anyway.
    • On really hot days, can be use over a shirt, and may offer same protection as a leather jacket.


    • Cleaning the item seems to be hard since plastic protections are built in and can’t be removed.
    • You look like a gladiator, or a SWAT officer.. this kind of items will force you to make more fitness, which is healthy anyway :-)
    • A bit pricey, but still one third of a cheap carbon exhaust :-)

    As I am 1.85m, the size L fits perfectly for me.&160; I will provide a better feedback after the first 1000 km.

    A very good Dainese product!



  • Kyosho part CA3035
    Some parts right out the bag are prone to break. Verify yours and replace them wth a raptor 30 if needed!

    "Almost directly accross from where the set screw is installed was an imperfection in the aluminum.
    I pulled on the part with my hands and could spread the piece and it proceeded to break in two.
    I also tried the same thing on the part with no visible problems and it would not budge." by choppengruven

    Discover by in France byClaudeandLaurent Lombard

    QuickUk sell this one.
    Thunder Tiger PV0018
    Left side: unknow mast stopper
    Right side: genuine kyosho part
    Which one do you prefer?

  •  Overall view of my 1st caliber

    24.08.2002 Add a dual battery system for more safety. I have no heli with only one battery. Here is why:

    Problems 1 battery pack 2 packs +
    2 packs +
    Additional cost of system reference + 55€ + 180€
    Open circuit between battery and switch's pack Failure Redundant Redundant
    Open circuit in one of the pack Failure Redundant Redundant
    Battery short circuit in one pack Failure Failure Redundant
    One pack not fully charged Failure Redundant Redundant
    Switch failure (assumes between RX and backup sys) Failure Redundant Failure
    Battery connector from backup system to the receiver Failure Redundant Failure

    Build yourself a dual switch

  • Mark the edge of the black plastic part with a pen
    before removing
    Thunder Tiger recommend you to glue your blade with epoxy glue.
    Kyosho say nothing in the manual about this subject. I agree that
    the Caliber 30 has 4 screws vs only 2 for the raptor 30....but
    This mods increase security for sure and cost nothing :
    • Remove the blade covering under the plastic blade grips :
      trace an outline around the grips with a pen.
    • Then remove the grips.
    • Carefully cut the plastic wrap away with a cutter.
      Be carefull not to cut into the wood !!
    • Do this to both sides and use some epoxy to glue the grips on.

  • I lost 2 screw (3x6mm) in flights ! crazy they are located in manual page 7, stage 952. The heli produce a metallic noise but I throught it was going from the exhaust. The person on this page report the same problem :
    I suggest to loctite them enough
  • Vous allez voir que faire de la moto, c'ela peut couter très cher, mais on n’a qu’une peau non?

    Premium motorcycle boot

    IXS Tourmaster black

    191 euro

    Botte en cuir n'offrant aucune protection mais en cuir souple trés agréable pour rouler pépère.

    Sidi Vertebra Race carbon black color

    257 euro

    • Made in Italy, Sidi build boots since 1969,
    • Premium motorcycle boot with an external protective system of interlocking plates (breveted)
    • Tons of external armor that is attached to the boot with Allen bolts so they can be replaced if you wipe out.
    • The boots have a grippy sole for good traction on and off the bike,
    • Side entry with a internal zipper and external Velcro flap,
    • Built in armor plates at the toe, heel cup, shin and both ankles,
    • For resuming : The main goal of this boot is to protect the foot in extreme wipeout conditions!! how much are your feet worth??

    Protective back

    Nice added value when you ride, “may help” in case of crash.

    Dainese protective back space 2

    113 euro
    2001 -> 2008

    • Transmit only 8.03 kN to the body when hit with a normalize crash EN 1621-1 (european norm)
    • The best choice, best performances

    Dainese V Neck 2 closer pictures

    340 euro
    2009 –> today









    Casque No 1

    Nolan N37 taille L
    Porté 2 ans.

    Casque No 2

    Nolan N81E taille XL, 1590 grammes
    Porté 2 ans.

    A une tendance vachement chiante a faire de la bué, été comme hiver (mais pas mon ancien N37 bizarre)

    Casque No 3

    Shark RSF2 Nexus Blue
    Porté 1 heure trop bruyant.

    Casque No 4

    Shoei XR1000 Badge TC-5
    450 euro
    Porté moins d’un an

    Casque No 5

    Shoei XR1000 Rogue TC5 
    500 euro
    Depuis 2009




    Dainese T-Age

    230 euro

    Top of the line protection hand used in Grand Prix

    Alpine stars GP Tech Gloves

    299 euro
    depuis 2009..

    Developed with Alpinestars professional MotoGP and Superbike racers, the GP Tech is the ultimate expression of road racing glove innovation, featuring the very latest design and production technology for greater performance and safety. The updated version features new, aggressive colorways and improved performance fit, material and construction adding to the gloves class leading safety and performance features.


    Pour la vitesse


    • IXS Savage cuir black  295 euro
    • IXS Pacer cuir   272 euro

    Cuir épais a souhait, on se sentirait presque en sécurité.

    Pour la pluie


    • IXS Apollo goretex black 417 euro
    • IXS Trailor 259 euro

    + Peut être porté de janvier à décembre.
    + Goretex
    + doublure détacahble en aluminimum réfléchissant de chaleur.
    + Permet de rouler vers -8°C avec un maillot de corps mais pas sur plus de 100km d'affilé.
    - Peut être un peu trop lourd quand il est mouillé.

  • Berne, 14.11.2012 - Le 1er janvier 2013 entrera en vigueur le premier paquet de mesures du programme de sécurité routière « Via sicura ». Celui-ci contient des mesures à l’encontre des chauffards telles que la confiscation et la réalisation des véhicules automobiles et l’interdiction des avertissements de radars…

    «Via sicura»: Erste Massnahmen treten am 1. Januar 2013 in Kraft

    « Via sicura » : entrée en vigueur des premières mesures le 1er janvier 2013

    «Via sicura»: si parte il 1° gennaio 2013


    • Il y a délit de chauffard lorsque la vitesse prescrite est dépassée de :
      • 40 km/h dans une zone 30
      • 50 km/h en localité (50 km/h)
      • 60 km/h hors des localités (80 km/h)
      • 80 km/h sur les autoroutes (120 km/h)

    En cas de délit de chauffard, le permis de conduire est retiré pour au moins deux ans. Il est retiré définitivement pour les récidivistes. Une restitution exceptionnelle après 10 ans n’est possible que si une expertise psychologique favorable a été délivrée. Par ailleurs, les peines appliquées en cas de délit de chauffard deviennent plus sévères. Désormais, la peine privative de liberté est d’un an au minimum et de 4 ans au maximum.

    Confiscation et réalisation de véhicules automobiles
    En cas d’infraction grave aux règles de la circulation routière, par exemple un excès de vitesse important, le véhicule peut être confisqué et réalisé, pour autant que cette mesure permette d’empêcher le contrevenant de commettre d’autres délits.