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  • The Resin team has  implemented a PHP 5 engine in JAVA! Quercus is Caucho Technology's fast, open-source, 100% Java implementation of the PHP language.

    "Quercus is Caucho Technology's fast, open-source, 100% Java implementation of the PHP language. Quercus is a feature of Caucho Technology's Resin Application Server and is built into Resin - there is no additional download/install. Developers using Resin can launch PHP projects without having to install the standard PHP interpreter ( as Quercus takes on the role of the PHP engine."

    Joomla! is supported right out the box


    "Quercus and Quercus' PHP libraries are written entirely in Java, thereby taking the advantages of Java applications and infusing them into PHP. PHP applications running on Quercus are simply faster, easier to develop, more capable, more secure, and more scalable than any other PHP solution.
    Performance - simply faster, Development - fast, safe, and easy,  Capability - powerful Java technologies at the developer's fingertips, Security - no more pesky C memory bugs,  Scalability - PHP for the masses, literally"

    In fact the PHP code is translated into servlets and then compiled into java bytecode on the first run. So it should be quite fast and best of th best, I can use my java profiling tools and library :-)

  • RPMs

    APT repositories

    •  This is an apt repository for SuSE as well. It's not run by SuSE but it integrates very well into their distribution.
      Here you find a lot of packages (mplayer, xine, kernels, and much more). The repository is organized in folders. Browse them first, to understand the packages you need (and in what folders they are). Then, you'll have to install apt and apt-libs (from the dir called "suser-rbos"). Then, add the directories you need to you apt/sources.list. Import the GPG keys, and you'll be able to use apt to install unofficial packages.

    here is the line you must add to the file sources.list:

    rpm SuSE/9.2-i386 suser-rbos packman-i686 packman base funktronics suser-scorot suser-tcousin suser-ollakka suser-oc2pus suser-jogley suser-gbv suse-people suser-guru suser-sbarnin rpmkeys ximian xorg wine

    You usually have to wait a bit for the "base" directory to be filled with official packages, So apt may fail when it deals with the base dir.