The PlayStation 3 (PS3) is a home video game console produced by Sony Computer Entertainment. It is the successor to PlayStation 2, as part of the PlayStation series. [read more at]

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    Someone on has post 200 pictures of the presentation of the PS3, some are really dark since they are pirate (It was not allowed to take any pictures duing the presentation, which has been respect by no one for our pleasure...)

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    Ken Kutaragi reveals the console's hard drive will use alternate OS, hints that it will ship separately and will come in more than one model.
    Since E3, Sony Computer Entertainment president Ken Kutaragi has been calling the PlayStation 3 an "entertainment supercomputer" rather than a gaming console. Now, he's revealed a new plan to make sure that it's acknowledged as one. In an interview with Impress PC Watch, Kutaragi disclosed that he plans to install the Linux operating system on the PS3's hard disc drive (HDD) so it will be recognized as a computer, rather than a mere console.

    Read more HERE at

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    I will keep this post up to date with all possible PS3 lenses, you are welcome to send me any new/better pictures. As say a lot of time before. Open up your PS3 before ordering any of these optical lenses online. There is no guarantee that your model with have one of the other model. This post should help you identify which lens to order.

    KES-410ACA Playstation 3

    PS3 Compatible Replacement Laser Lens (KES-410ACA)

    KES-400A Playstation 3  40GB

    Sony PS3 Laser Lens Repair KES-400A (40gbPlaystation 3 Compat Replacement Laser Lens KES400AAA

    KES-450A Playstation 3 slim

    KES-450A.ps3.slimPS 3 Slim Compatible Remplacement Laser Lens KES450A

    KES-460A Playstation 3 slim 160-320GB

    LASER LENS PS3 SLIM 160-320GB KES-460A

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    Here's another game play video of Little Big Planet.


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    Side by side, here are the PS3 lenses that are currently available for your PS3. If you ever decide to change the lens yourself, my best advice is to always open your PS3 first before ordering any new lens as there is no way to determine which model use which lens.

    Attention: PS3 40gb may use a different lens: LENS KES-410A or KES-410ACA (but some ps3 40gb has been found with the other lens KES-400AAA)

    KES-400AAA on the left, KES-410A on the right

    Change your PS3 Bluray lens yourself

    Thanks to Sarah for allowing me to publish this picture on my site.

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    Guide how to replace PS3 Laser Lens  
            version 1.0


    Attention: This operation will void your warranty!!! I recommend you to send it to
                      SONY if bought your PS3 less than a year ago.
    Attention: While this operation require no particular knowledge, don't try it if you
                      have no patience and feel not confident enough!
    Attention: Look at other tutorials at the end of my article before starting, I did not represent
                      all steps in details. Use them to complete missing steps (this is my brother's PS3, mine
                      may die also soon, will complete tutorial then)


    DISCLAIMER: This tutorial is for information purposes, and I am not responsible or can
    be held responsible if you screw up your PS3 by following this tutorial. Make sure the
    PS3 is unplugged from mains power AT ALL TIMES. Mains power is dangerous!
    Dismantle the Playstation 3 console and follow this tutorial at your own risk!

    Duration: 25 minutes
    Cost: 35 euro (SONY ask 200 euro, some shops 99 euro with 3 months warranty) 

    Tool required:

    Torx screwdriver TR10 :ps3.change.lens_torx_tr10
    ps3.change.lens_000 Small flathead screw driver + Philips screwdriver
    PS3.Laser.Lens.KES400AAA Order part: KES-400AAA on Internet or search for "ps3 lens" on EBAY.
      Big flat space well lit


    Operation done on 18 July 2008, PS3 fully working.

    ps3.change.lens_001 Prerequisites :-)
    ps3.change.lens_002 Remove the 8 screws, slightly lift up the back corners of the top half of the console. There is there 2 small clips near the back you may need to undo with a small screw driver. Now the top of the console should just lift off
    ps3.change.lens_003 1. Lift the drive.
    2. Unplug the power supply near the front right side of drive.
    3. Remove the wide ribbon cable connecting the drive to the motherboard.
     ps3.change.lens_004 details of power supply near the front right side of drive.
    ps3.change.lens_005 Remove the main board by removing the screws.

    Put them beside in the same order as you did remove them. This will help a lot when you put everything back!

    You can now remove the 2 metal plate that encase the ps3 BLU-RAY drive.
    ps3.change.lens_006 Remove the white plastic part that maintain the DVD in place and put beside.

    You now see the drive plastic box.

    More screws to remove to to open that black case.
    ps3.change.lens_007 remove these screws to be able to pull up the old ps3 lens out of the plastic case
    ps3.change.lens_008 the old lens is now ready to die.

    Metal axes can be removed ad will have to be transferred to the new lens
    ps3.change.lens_009 On the new lens, put the cable ribbon, by first pulling up the black clip (A), then insert the ribbon (B) and pull back the black clip .
    ps3.change.lens_010 On the old lens, the white plastic part has to be transferred to the new lens as well.
    ps3.change.lens_011 One screw to remove
    ps3.change.lens_0660 Put axes on new lens and place it back in case.
      screw everything back


    Comments, corrections are welcome in the new forum Board "Changing your PS3 lens"

    Other  tutorials

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    And about Hotlinking/bandwidth stealing. While looking at back link in Google, a thing very important to look at (Google page rank, who say what about me), I came about 2 forums entries

    Come on, don't do that, this is plain bandwidth stealing! you reduced my number of visitors! why not just having a link to the ORIGINAL article? My domain name belong to me till 2015, so It wont disappear tomorrow.

    What is Bandwidth Stealing ?

    There are many forms of bandwidth stealing on the web today. However, the bandwidth theft on here is image/graphic stealing, and is the bandwidth theft that occurs most. That is when you find an image you like and you are:

    1. are too cheap to have server space of your own to use -and/or-
    2. are too lazy to upload the image to your own server -and/or-
    3. are uneducated about the crime you are committing -or all of the above-

    Crime? Yes, it is a crime. The person whose site the image is on that you are linking to for the source of the image is paying the server costs, the bandwidth and loosing ad revenues.

    I did implement a solution in .htaccess to avoid that, but has seen a dramatic drop in number of visitors, as Google images, live search images are also referencing some files on my server directly. I did switch this off now. I just hope people will get educated enough to understand the problem they create when they simply hotlinks content.

  • Really great instructions and lot of ideas on how to build a survival level, a level where you will sooner or later die to escape it :-). by the Media Molecule design team itself!


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    With the latest PS3 firmware 1.80 released on 24th May, it is now possible to enjoy streaming and turn the PS3 in a real media center hub. I am starting this howto for all people wanting to enjoy their MP3, pictures and video as fast as possible :-)
    Sony Computer Entertainment Europe (SCEE) announced today availability of the latest version of the PLAYSTATION 3 (PS3) firmware. Version 1.80 features upscaling of PlayStation and PlayStation 2 games, and DVD movies up to full 1080p HD resolution when viewed on a compatible HD TV set.

    The capability to upscale DVDs to HD quality is a feature normally only associated with top range DVD players, and its inclusion in the latest firmware upgrade now allows PS3 owners with an existing DVD collection to dramatically enhance the viewing pleasure of their DVD collection when viewed through a compatible HD TV set1. Not only can DVD movies be enhanced to full 1080p HD quality but so too will PlayStation 2 and PlayStation games be upscaled to provide much improved gaming pleasure.
    In a comprehensive update to PS3's already impressive capabilities, Version 1.80 also allows users to enjoy Remote Play on their PSP across the internet, allowing them to access their PS3 anywhere in the world where a broadband internet connection is available2.
    Version 1.80 also allows users on a home network to seamlessly view and play rich media content such as images, music and video on their PS3, that is stored on their DLNA3 enabled devices such as PCs and laptops elsewhere in the house, reinforcing PS3's credentials as a home entertainment hub that truly deserves pride of place in the Living Room.
    A host of other enhancements include the ability to print photo images stored on PS3's hard disk or inserted storage media to a selection of Epson printers.
    PS3 owners will be able to upgrade their PS3 with the latest Version 1.80 firmware from 24th May 2007.

    (From the press release)

      Why choosing a PS3 as a media center HUB?

    • It has the best blu-ray player till today,
    • It is a game machine as added value
    • You can stream data from any UPNP source (Mac, Linux, Windows, embeded network disk)
    • I is upscaling DVD, game like no hardware scaler on the market 
    • You can boot linux
    • It require no particular/proprietary peripherals (bluetooth)

    AVS forums review concerning the quality of the blu-ray player
    Excellent/Amazing 1080p upscaling of DVDs
    • For those with 720p only sets it now does 720P downscaling for BD along with upscaling for DVD
    • 1080p24 support (film is native 24 fps, no more 3:2 pulldown)
    • Blacker-than-Black (BTB) and Whiter-than-White (WTW) support with (full range/limited) the BTB has been confirmed by DVE
    • HQV DVD test and the PS3 1.80 firmware passes ALL tests!! Cadence, interlacing, artifacting, you name it, it passed!!!

    Why not choosing the Xbox360?

    • Crippled with Digital Right management DRM
    • Noisy so noisy
    • Streaming only from and to Microsoft centric world
    • Proprietary peripherals


    UPNP open source streaming protocol ?


    UPnP technology is a distributed, open networking architecture that employs TCP/IP and other Internet technologies to enable seamless proximity networking, in addition to control and data transfer among networked devices in the home, office, and public spaces.  The UPnP architecture allows peer-to-peer networking of PCs, networked appliances, and wireless devices. It is a distributed, open architecture based on TCP/IP, UDP and HTTP.
    UPnP enables communication between any two devices under the command of any control device on the network (LAN). Among its features are:
    • Media and device independence. UPnP technology can run on many media including phone lines, power lines (PLC), Ethernet, IR (IrDA), RF (Wi-Fi, Bluetooth), and FireWire. No device drivers are used; common protocols are used instead.
    • User interface (UI) Control. UPnP architecture enables vendor control over device user interface and interaction using the web browser.
    • Operating system and programming language independence. Any operating system and any programming language can be used to build UPnP products. UPnP does not specify or constrain the design of an API for applications running on control points; OS vendors may create APIs that suit their customer's needs. UPnP enables vendor control over device UI and interaction using the browser as well as conventional application programmatic control.
    • Internet-based technologies. UPnP technology is built upon IP, TCP, UDP, HTTP, and XML, among others.
    • Programmatic control. UPnP architecture also enables conventional application programmatic control.
    • Extensibility. Each UPnP product can have device-specific services layered on top of the basic architecture.
    The UPnP architecture supports zero-configuration, "invisible networking" and automatic discovery for many device categories from a range of vendors; any device can dynamically join a network, obtain an IP address, announce its name, convey its capabilities upon request, and learn about the presence and capabilities of other devices. DHCP and DNS servers are optional and are only used if they are available on the network. Devices can leave the network automatically without leaving any unwanted state information behind.

    The Sony PS3 is registering as a UPNP client client as soon as it will be connected to the network

    The PS3 is either able to use Wireless or Ethernet but not both technology at the same time. Do not try to connect the PS3 to a router while the Wireless is active in the XMB workbench!

    Preparing your local network" />Preparing your local network

    You must check if your router has "UPnP enabled for automatic device configuration". Connect to the router  administrator panel (only for Netgear, consult the notice for the correct admin adress if you are unsure)

    Here my PS3 is at

    Turn UPnP On Advertisement Period

    UPnP can be enabled or disabled for automatic device configuration. The default setting for UPnP is disabled. If disabled, the router will not allow any device to automatically control the resources, such as port forwarding (mapping), of the router.

    The Advertisement Period is how often the router will advertise (broadcast) its UPnP information. This value can range from 1 to 1440 minutes. The default period is for 30 minutes. Shorter durations will ensure that control points have current device status at the expense of additional network traffic. Longer durations may compromise the freshness of the device status but can significantly reduce network traffic.
    Advertisement Time To Live UPnP Portmap Table
    The time to live for the advertisement is measured in hops (steps) for each UPnP packet sent. A hop is the number of steps allowed to propagate for each UPnP advertisement before it disappears. The number of hops can range from 1 to 255. The default value for the advertisement time to live is 4 hops, which should be fine for most home networks. If you notice that some devices are not being updated or reached correctly, then it may be necessary to increase this value a little. The UPnP Portmap Table displays the IP address of each UPnP device that is currently accessing the router and which ports (Internal and External) that device has opened. The UPnP Portmap Table also displays what type of port is opened and if that port is still active for each IP address.

    Installing a UPNP server" />Installing a UPNP server

    The challenge is now to find a server UPNP implementation for your operating system.


    You MUST install 4.4 beta 2 at least or the PS3 wont find the mediaserver. Download HERE
    TVersity with the latest PS3 patch (,
    • Free
    • You can transcode XVID,WMV, OGM, DIVX
    • You can play itunes music and RealMedia

    Philips Media Manager

    • Free
    • 27Mb
    • Easy assistant to share file
    • Windows look and feel



    Windows only &title= Windows only" />Windows only



    Windows Media Player 11 Not recommended as it install a hell of DRM, links, zune or napster shops. While a normal user wont see it, it is more than innaceptable. You say do not assign Media player to your  media, but it do it anyway. Clippled graphical user interface. it do not play all kind of exotic format, but download missing codecs (and even after some file do not work)
    Install it only if you want to view video on your PC, but you may be better served with Videolan (VLC) as it open nearly anything and do to support DRM.

    1. Download and install Windows Media Player 11
    2. Click on the Library tab
    3. On the left you'll see a tree structure. Right click on Library in the tree structure.
    4. Click Media Sharing
    5. Enable your options, what folders, devices, etc.
    6. When your PS3 turns on and scans, Windows will pop up and ask if it's ok to allow the device. Allow it.


    Windows Media Connect (Now ZUNE connect)
    Not recommended as it install a hell of DRM, links, zune or napster shops. While a normal user wont see it, it is more than innaceptable. You say do not assign Media player to your  media, but it do it anyway. Clippled graphical user interface. Install it only if you want to view video on your PC, but you may be better served with Winamp

    1. Click on the Library tab
    2. On the left you'll see a tree structure. Right click on Library in the tree structure.
    3. Click Media Sharing
    4. Enable your options, what folders, devices, etc.
    5. When your PS3 turns on and scans, Windows will pop up and ask if it's ok to allow the device. Allow it.

    Windows Vista Has a native UPNP server, switch the PS3 on, try to locate the PS3 in the network range and start sharing drive like you are use to.
    On2Share Pro

    On2Share Pro  is an UPnP enabling suite for your favourite Media Player. With On2Share comes the On2Share UPnP AV Media Server, Renderer and control point. With On2Share Pro you can share your Windows Media Player  and Winamp playlists or local media folders to UPnP devices in your local network. On2Share also integrates an UPnP control point, so you can access other UPnP Media Servers in your local network. You will find the shared playlists in the Windows Media Player, Windows Media Center or Winamp Media Library. Internet Streaming addresses in your WMP or Winamp Library are shared, too. Version 4.3 supports Windows Media Center and is Windows Vista compatible.

    I do not like their GUI colors and capabilities but it work

    Results" />Results

    2 UPNP server found

    mp3 albums fund
    pictures browsing


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    Sony PS3 love linux...

    These instructions show you how to install LINUX on a Playstation 3 with the latest firmware.

    Downloading a Linux flavor

    Download one of these Linux versions:

    • Kubuntu - Ubuntu with KDE (recommended I can't stand GNOME desktop)
    • Ubuntu - The standard version using Gnome Desktop.
    • Xubuntu - Using the lightweight XFCE desktop environment
    • Edubuntu - Designed for use in school classrooms
    Yellow Dog
    Fedora Core 5 PPC DVD - 3.4GB
    not working, work in progress []
    Gentoo linux
    how to []

    Burn the iso-file onto a CD/DVD depending on the size of the distribution

    Preparing the PS3

    In this step we will format the PlayStation 3 and create two partitions, one for the XMB (the PS3 operating system) and one for Linux. Before formatting the PS3, you MUST backup your games saved data.

    • In the XMB go to Settings > System Settings > Format Utility > Format Hard Disk. Choose Yes.
    • Choose Custom partition setting and Allot 10GB to the Other OS. Perform a Quick Format.
    • Reboot the PS3 by pressing X on your controller.

    Preparing to run the LiveCD

    • Insert the Linux CD/DVD you burned into your Playstation 3.
    • Go to Settings > System Settings > Install Other OS.
    • The system will detect a file called otheros.bld on your disk. Hit X to start the installer.
    • Go to Settings > System Settings > Default System. Set it to Other OS. Restart your PS3 by clicking X.
    • At the kboot: prompt, hit Enter. Linux will boot, slowly, from the CD.

    Once the system is up and running from the disc, you may choose to install Linux permanently.

    • Double click the install icon on the desktop.
    • Select Manual partitioning, and choose the 10.7GB drive.

    Back to normal operations under XMB

    To boot back to the XMB environment, type boot-game-os at the kboot: prompt.

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    How do I know if this is the right laser? I get this question a lot of time in my tutorial: Change your PS3 optical lens

    You could see how the disc goes in the drive. this method offer no guarantees, and may lead to false results

    • If the disc goes in straight then its a kes-400a . 
    • If the disc spins and you insert it then its the kes-410aca.

    Before ordering your new lens, the best is always to open your console! and see it yourself

    KES-410ACA / KEM-410ACA

    KES-410ACA or KEM-410ACA 



    Here is also a table (no guarantees, opening is always better)

    Hard Drive Capacity 80GB 60GB 40GB 20GB
    Model Number CECHE01 CECHA01 CECHG01 CECHB01
    USB Ports 4 4 2 4
    Release Date August 2007 November 2006 November 2007 November 2006

    Kes-400A/ AAA

    Yes Yes Yes Yes
  • Littlebigplanet2-boxart

    Oh Yes end of year is near, and the best game for the PS3 is back again: Little Big Planet 2

    I already did reserved mine and you?

    My Playstation Network  ID is MagicianLord see you soon in the GAME!

    Available 8 January, 2011 USA andEurope on 19 January 2011







    The Creatinator

    The Creatinator is a handy new power-up that lets you launch all kinds of useful objects – from water to fight fires to supercharged rockets

    The Grabinator

  • LBP_character_03

    No way to get any key at the moment and the beta will expire in 11 October...

    What only remain a constant, is that it get suddenly impossible to reach any host distributing free little big planet beta keys


    &160; gamepro.server.down.lbp.keys
    Did not take any screen shots on Friday... &160; &160;

    SO many people are selling their keys on ebay (forbidden by SONY licence), they are just THIEFS

    How to report LBP Beta Key sales on Ebay

    • Search "Little Big Planet"
    • Select an item advertising a key
    • Go to the bottom of page
    • Click "Report this item"
    • Select "Counterfeits and breach of copyright"
    • Then "Other potential infringement"
    • Then "Beta software......." etc
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    I should be able to play with it starting on 22 October 2008 :-)


  • All in all, there are 48 trophies (PS3 reward system) for Little Big Planet


    Platinum Trophy

    • Earn all LittleBigPlanet trophies to unlock this platinum trophy

    Gold Trophies

    • Play - Complete all story levels without dying, with the exception of those levels that only end when you die
    • Create - A level you published was hearted by 50 or more people and you were hearted by 30 or more people
    • Share - Play 150 community levels, tag 50 community levels and heart 10 community levels

    Silver Trophies

    • Just Beginning - Complete all the main path story levels
    • 20X Multiplier! - Get a 20X Multiplier
    • Hi Score - Collect 1,000,000 points over all levels you have played
    • Booty Master - Collect all the prize bubbles on the story levels
    • Dr Frankenstein - Create a living creature with at least 2 eyes, 2 legs or wheels, and a brain
    • Crowd Pleaser - A level you published was played by 50 or more people
    • Feel the Love - A level you published was hearted by 10 or more people
    • Celebrity - You were hearted by 5 or more people as a player

    Bronze Trophies

    • The Gardens - Complete all levels in The Gardens
    • The Savannah - Complete all levels in The Savannah
    • The Wedding - Complete all levels in The Wedding
    • The Canyon - Complete all levels in The Canyon
    • The Metropolis - Complete all levels in The Metropolis
    • The Islands - Complete all levels in The Islands
    • The Temples - Complete all levels in The Temples
    • Expert Creator - Complete all levels in the tutorials
    • Artist - Place a sticker
    • Homemaker - Place 10 stickers or decorations in your pod
    • Fashion Sense - Choose a costume for your sack person with at least one item on your head, at least one item on your body, and a material
    • Forager - Collect 25% of the prize bubbles on the story levels
    • Sticky Fingers - Collect 50% of the prize bubbles on the story levels
    • Treasure Hunter - Collect 75% of the prize bubbles on the story levels
    • 2X Multiplier! - Get a 2X Multiplier
    • 8X Multiplier! - Get a 8X Multiplier
    • Incredible Speed! - Travel at incredible speed
    • Incredible Height! - Travel to an incredible height
    • Friendly - Complete a level with more than one player
    • Party Person - Complete a level online with 3 other players who are on your friends list
    • Socialite - Complete a level online with 3 other players who are not on your friends list
    • Top of the Class - Win a 4-player game
    • Traveler - Complete a community level
    • FIRST! - Be among the first 10 people to complete a community level
    • Opinionated - Tag a community level
    • Neighborhood - Watch Heart 5 community levels
    • Networking - Heart 3 authors
    • Talkative - Post a comment on a community level
    • Creator - Build and save a level with the thermometer more than 30% full
    • Team Creator - Build and save a level with more than one player with the thermometer more than 30% full
    • Publisher - Publish a level
    • Look What I Made! - A level you published was played by 5 or more people
    • (Hidden) Trendsetter - Place a sticker or a decoration on another player&8217;s sackperson
    • (Hidden) Cranium Collector - Kill 100 Creatures across all levels
    • (Hidden) Secret Stickerist - Unlock the race in First Steps
    • (Hidden) Sackbird - Spend 8 seconds or more in the air
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    Little Big Planet wallpaper and game insight I've never seen before...
    All credit to their authors,

    UPDATE: original size of wallpaper now online, were reduced previously during the transfer.

    Attention: for broadband user only, 14 MB of pictures

    2lvmule sackboy_lbp

    1221_0008 13-LittleBigPlanet
    little_big1 LittleBigPlanet_401

    ps3bg-lbp2 logostor 

    9234_little_big_planet-orig 14548_little_big_planet-v2

  • sony_playstation_ps3

    The LittleBigPlanet experience starts with players learning about their character’s powers to interact physically with the environment. There are obstacles to explore, bits and pieces to collect and puzzles to solve – requiring a combination of brains and collaborative teamwork. As players begin to explore, their creative skills will grow and they will be ready to start creating and modifying their surroundings – the first step to sharing them with the whole community. Characters have the power to move anything in this glued and stitched-together landscape; they have the power to design, shape and build both objects and entire locations for others to play. Players can make their world as open or as secretive to explore as they like. When it’s ready, they can invite anyone within the LittleBigPlanet community to come and explore their patch – or can go and explore everybody else’s.


    I love these open world type creation games and Little Big Planet will be a success on PS3. I don't see how people can't like this game. It is awesome! It has a fully customisable environment and a character you can outfit as your own. And the backgrounds are just lovely.

    Gamespothas a review based on what has been seen at E3

    2 HD video

    More video but of poor quality at YouTube:
  • LittleBigPlanet-Sackboy11.inches.Statue

    Just order 2 statues (one for me and one for my brother) 10 minutes ago on  If you’re a fan and want to keep your console controller, portable gaming system, mobile phone with style, look no further!

    They cost 30€ each, a small prize if you consider all the low quality Sackboy floating everywhere on ebay, in shops.

    LittleBigPlanet is a unique community-based game with a hugely innovative concept behind it. Players meet on a blue and green planet scattered with individual plots - and use their character's amazing abilities to play, create and share what they build with other gamers throughout the world via PlayStation Network.

    Keep your console controller, portable gaming system, mobile phone -or any thing you like - safe with this 11" Sackboy holder.

    This product is officially made by Sony under license from the Copyright holder.

    Link to shop (32.50 euro)

  • little.big.planet.2

    My favorite game of ALL time on PlayStation 3 (my PS3 nickname is MagicianLord) is coming soon in a new version

    LittleBigPlanet 2

    Simply put the most creative game ever made since Mario Bros!  so big that users have create 2 MILLIONS levels!!!!

    Watch the online trailer

    Sackbots, Cinematic tools, New game play modes for creating your own in games!!!!

    Watch more trailer at Youtube dedicated page

    Official site with all new functionalities described at

    And finally dont forget to read also all my previous articles on Little Big Planet!

  • sony_playstation_ps3

    With an emphasis on Sackboy...

    Don't forget to visit also the official site

  • sony_playstation_ps3

    The latest video from Sony Gamers' Day 08 showing more insight of the game...

  • Happiest I am currently playing a lot with Little Big Planet, you can find me there with my
    PSN ID:


    PSN ID is a reference to ELTA the last Magician Lord in the 1991 SNK game

    In between...

    For all of you wanting to learn how to create better levels, Sony has started a new site LittleBigWorkshop
    LittleBigWorkshop is your personal creative canvas to inspire ingenuity, creative synergy, or for those of you
    who are just curious.&160;

    Want to customize your SackBoy? then head to This Little Big Planet
    site which lets you create your own little SackBoy

    Also new costumes are coming (unfortunately from $0.99 to $1.99)


    Hope someone will one day reverse engineered the server protocol to see also different content (good or bad the
    world shall not be controlled too much)

  • Happiest I am currently playing a lot with Little Big Planet, you can find me there with my
    PSN ID:


    PSN ID is a reference to ELTA the last Magician Lord in the 1991 SNK game

    In between...

    For all of you wanting to learn how to create better levels, Sony has started a new site LittleBigWorkshop
    LittleBigWorkshop is your personal creative canvas to inspire ingenuity, creative synergy, or for those of you
    who are just curious.&160;

    Want to customize your SackBoy? then head to This Little Big Planet
    site which lets you create your own little SackBoy

    Also new costumes are coming (unfortunately from $0.99 to $1.99)


    Hope someone will one day reverse engineered the server protocol to see also different content (good or bad the
    world shall not be controlled too much)

  • Space station 42By Santana03

    Dinosaurs Island 2By Feistyfrog

    Robot TownBy jump_button&160;

    Metal RevolutionBy Blorf

    Ruins of the Roller[JPN]By O-tera

    &160;&8220;karakuri chochin yashiki&8221; [JPN]By TOUKi555

  • sony_playstation_ps3

    Direct from retailers all over the world, VGChart present the latest next-gen console sales:

    XBOX 360 0.38m Japan
    5.88m Americas
    3.40m Others
    1.98m Japan
    2.37m Americas
    1.68m Others

    0.83m Japan
    1.32m Americas
    0.52m Others

    Nintendo DS

    15.95m Japan
    11.41m Americas
    11.95m Others
    5.42m Japan
    7.95m Americas
    7.53m Others

    there is just a small eror in PS3 worldwide sales chart,  I know someone that has bought a PS3 an it is still not counted ;-)
    more pictures soon.